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Greening of Vertical Components

Here we will talk about those slim, vertical columns-- components of a building that, up above, have a 'load' to carry. (Regarding the greening of free-standing masts and posts, there is an extra page on our site). These are: columns, pillars, balcony supports, props, building supports, and posts of Pergola, and we show how they are greened to 'growing pillars' or 'climber props.'

Vegetal column with a wisteria in shop in Quedlinburg / Sachsen-Anhalt

Growing Columns Over one Floor

That means that only the column or support is greened and not the area around this. The climbing plants should be slow growers or easily controlled annuals: Clematis, Roses and grapevine are possible, the latter than "vertical cordon" or "small trellis".

Such growing columns are "bored, drilled into" reluctantly, single subtle holds in accordance with cable system 1010 or vertical ropes like 1020 and 1030 would possibly suffice. Depending on a desired effect (one-sided or circulating green up) 1 -5 parallel ropes per column are set in. More than only 1 rope also can be tightened and  put up at square supports with larger breadth per area. Cable system 4020 is appropriate. For fastening questions see below.

Greening of a yard gate with Morning Glory
Morning Glories, Großjena an der Unstrut/ Saxony-Anhalt
Pillar with growing rope for an annual Cathedral Bell vine
Piller with growing cable for (annual) Cathedral Bell, Weimar / Thuringia
Roses on a pillar accordance with system 1020, medium design
Designing a pillar with wire rope to become a growth pillar for roses
Several cable systems 4020, simple kit as pressure, adherent, and insertion aids
Greening of a pillar
Overgrown greening of Vine on a column as small form.
Greening a pillar with Vines
Growing support made of concrete for Dutchman's Pipe Aristolochia tomentosa, steel cable with delicate eyelet bolts.
Growth pilllar, international style, for Aristolochia Weimar / Thuringia
Climbing rose with cable system analogous to 4010.
Greening of a pillar, Gründerzeit-house in Leipzig / Saxony

Greening Over 1 1/2 Building Floors

This means that wall area above a support, a pergola, or a balcony is greened, or that the greening shall happen in the upper area as a matter of priority and the support only then serves to lead the shoot structure of the climbing plant upward. A vertical wire rope 1020 or 1030 as a growing help then usually suffices for the higher green up. A simple style suffices from time to time. Also combination systems like 9010 and 9020 are possible here. If there is a wall indent, vertical and horizontal ropes are separated laid next to each other.

As an alternative to growing structures, preferred plants can be planted also and fixed with flexible climbing binders, velcro ties, put on around the component or with rubber belts or strips.

You can find similar examples under "balcony greening".

Akebia in the castle grounds Sanssouci/Potsdam. Baroque covered walk, the columns have been covered well with growing wire for approx. 200 years.
Greened up columns in castle Sanssouci / Potsdam / Brandenburg
Wisteria at concrete column, only with Velcro strip fastened
Wisteria on concrete pillar
Wisteria , below attached to the concrete support with binding material (belts), led to top on the horizontal wire in accordance with system 1060.
Plants at the balcony
Greening with Wild Grapes. System 1020 is suitable for the posts in accordance with one growing wire each.
Greening of wooden columns, castle Tiefurt near Weimar / Thuringia
Small Kiwi, growing support with 2 x system 1030, simple style.
Growth pillar with Kiwi greening
Covered walk greened with Wild Grapes on steel cables
Wild Grapes on steel cables greening a colonnade
Interior view of the arbor of the previous photo
Greened colonnade, Wild Grapes
Greened arbors on the courtyard side of housing estates, the kiwi plants were led upward on steel girders.
Arcade greened with Kiwi

Greening Over Several Floors

Greening can also be taken to large heights and "distributed" with wire-cables to supports. So several balconies or whole arbors can be greened. The fastening along the vertical supports is relieved  and is stressed less if the climbing plants are fastened to balcony parapets etc. also on the side.

Questions About Fastening

Which distances should wires be on a growing support? In the past, this tiresome question was often solved pragmatically: There were hardly any distances between the wires which were layed thick on the columns. The "simple" kits of FassadenGrün which often suffice at supports etc. correspond to this philosophy today. However, even middle or heavy kits are needed from time to time. Even a heavy style is possible for representative or formal reasons. The choice of the fastening varies by the selected plant species and by the subsurface. 

The choice of the fastening varies by the selected plant species and by the subsurfaces. For fastening on concrete parts e.g. an extra page exists.

Akebia on balcony supports made of wood, two cables in accordance with system 1050, here as a middle kit.
Greening of a Balcony support
In particularly representative installations - here in a spa - massive kits with more distance from the wall (cross mount WM 12153) are used.
Post designed as a growth pillar
Growing supports greened with Honeysuckle on wire-cables at the arbor of a car parkhouse
Greened columns
Bittersweet. Growing columns also can be insulated, Then a wire system like RV 12XX2 works well to adhere plants to the column.
Growth pillar thanks to Bittersweet