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General Information on Grapevines

Grape vines are actually part of the "trellis fruit" and traditionally play a major role in the greening of facades. Due to the abundance of information, grape vines are treated separately at FassadeGrün: Here you will find extensive information on "wine at home and in the garden"! You can select vine systems, compare table grapes, learn how to prune and how to recognize diseases. FassadenGrün also sells several varieties.

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(also called "grape wine", Latin: Vitis vinifera)

Grapevines on a wall

Requirements / Price

Position in full sun, preferably protected from prevailing winds.

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Characteristics and Pruning

A climber with tendrils, vigorous growth, yearly new shoots 1-4m, sometimes trailing like a bridal train. Leaf shapes often filigree. Foliage from April/May to October.


Flower and Fruit

Flower insignificant, panicled. Fruit green, yellow, red or blue to black, grapes and berries of varying sizes.



Formative pruning of the vine takes several years ("Training"). Pruning in winter an absolute necessity, additional summer pruning may be required.

Climbing Plant Support System

Rods, grids, wires or wire ropes, especially for tying the vine trunks. See below for suitable wire rope systems. Usually medium trellis systems, for larger areas, for old varieties, and grapevines susceptible to fungus, heavy kits (greater distance from wall). In exceptional cases also light kits.

For espaliers along walls it is important that the stem framework of the vine is tied to the outside of the trellis. Yearly fruiting canes, which are later pruned off, get tucked behind the trellis.

Appropriate wire rope systems?

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Grapevines trained with tall trunks on a wire espalier. No unauthorised snacking here!
Greenery with vertical cordon trained grape vines
Not only children are attracted to grapes on a façade!
Wire espalier with vines

Greening with grape vines

This picture gallery shows other greened walls/buildings; many more pictures can be found in the "training-section"!

Old grapevine espaliers
Wooden trellis for grape vines
Two vine stocks on a house in "spa style"
Grapevines trainied with very high stems for preventing pedestrians from eating the grapes
This is how grapevines look without summer pruning, which looks also very beautiful.
Old vine tavern in Meißen / Saxony

Botanical features - grape vines during the course of the year

This gallery shows leaves, flowers, fruits... autumn coloring and phenotype in Winter, and budding in Spring. Please also use the information given on "grape varieties!"

Grapevines need a very rigorous winter pruning every year
Only a few buds remain, which sprout in spring
Proliferation in grape vine
This rigorous trimmed vine stock grows on a "T-shaped" wire rope system
Long shoots emerge from the lignified canes and grow into the open room in front of the trellis if not tied to the climbing aid
Grapevine trained as a horizontal cordon, the lower wire holds the stem framework in place, while the upper wires support the new shoots.
On this young shoot the tendrills of the plant can be seen
If everything goes well, young shoots generate blossom sets
Blossoming itself is rather unspectatcular...
During Flowering many parts start dropping off, this is usually uncritical considering yields.
Only some young berries remain and start growing fast then
Soon the young, green berries reach the "pea-size" stage
In summer they start to ripen, but now the final color of the grapes can be seen
The foliage of grape varieties with green-yellow grapes will also turn yellow in autumn.
Many black grapes - here "Dornfelder" - have orange to red foliage in autumn. Wire support system.
A well trained and maintained grapevine looks perfectly neat also in winter, even before the thin shoots from the previous year are cut off.

Appropriate wire rope systems for grape vines

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