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Training Grapevines

Well-trained grapevines have a strong, but spartan stem framework. Here you can select from a range of systems to train your vines, and read about the training methods in the first three years. Once fully trained, the main trunk of the vine is left alone, and the yearly pruning is concerned only with the side shoots.

Info on wall layout

Wall layout

The correct training form

Planting grapevines


Starting a grapevine in your garden

Training in the 1st year

1st year

Training and maintenance

For vineyards and fences

Vineyard training

For vineyard and fence

Small epaliers

Small espaliers

Single or continuous espalier



The most popular espalier

Grapevine trained as a vertical cordon

Vertical cordon

Rigorous and neat

Grapevine trained as a horizontal cordon

Horizontal Cordon

For high yields

Training vine as a Garland


Along the facade or free hanging

Vine gallery - training method for southern climes


As a green porch

Training grapevine on pergolas


For the pergola

Staked vines

Staked vines

In the garden

Vine in greenhouses


Glass house or plastic tent

Potted vines

Potted vines

For balconies and terraces