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Grapevine "Regent"

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Grapevine "Regent" on a wall, 10 cent piece for size reference

Availability / Price

Bare rooted from March - Mai, reservation is advised because of limited quantity.

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"Regent" was bred for winemaking from "Diana" x "Chambourcin," and is suitable - with some reservations - for table grapes (small berries). A robust vine of medium vigour for sunny southeast to west walls. Fungus-tolerant to powdery mildew, but slightly susceptible to downy mildew. Flowering moderate to good. Particularly frost hardy due to the naturally smaller fruit, and because lay people never prune vines enough and leave too much fruit on the vines, frost is not a big problem. Therefore this variety is also suitable for pot cultivation. Leaves are partially red in autumn. "Regent" is relatively unproblematic to cultivate! Watering can increase the berry size.


from 2nd or 3rd year, 10 to 15cm long


turning blue from midsummer, 1.0 to 1.5 cm, taste fruity sweet, thick skin, berries occasionally drop off about 4 weeks after maturation, so timely harvest is crucial.

Ripeness for consumption

 median, from around mid-September


"Regent" is a registered variety, propagation is prohibited!

Grape variety "Regent", 10-cent-coin for size-comparison