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Table Grape "Palatina"

Palatina is a royal table grape variety, it should be in every grapevine collection. 

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("Königin der Weingärten" x "Seyve Villard 12-375")

Table grape "Palatina" on a wall, 10 cent piece for size reference

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Available from March, bare rooted.

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"Palatina" is a cross between the "Queen of Vineyards" and the fungus-resistant "Seyve Villard 12-375." A fungus-tolerant, vigorous table grape for sunny southeast to west walls, for pergola, fence, staked freestanding etc. Good, reliable flowering. Overall very robust, attractive fruit with excellent presentation quality!


from 2nd or 3rd year, medium size, 15-20cm long, regular high yield.


green-yellow to golden-yellow with a touch of red, very attractive colour when fully mature! Medium to large size, diameter ca. 1.5-2.0cm, taste fruity and very sweet. Very few pips, 1-2 relatively small pips per berry. Skin does not affect eating.

Winner during a Bavarian grape tasting of approximately 30 fungus-tolerant table grape varieties.

Ripeness for consumption

early, around beginning of September. Can remain on the vine for another 3-4 weeks.


"Palatina" is a registered variety, propagation is prohibited!