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Garden City & Native Country Style (1900 - 1940)

With the "garden city" movement, wall gardens experienced a boom-- beautiful green trellises and food self-sufficiency through the cultivation of espalier fruit being the main pillars of this new greening movement. The settlements built in Jena, Weimar, Leipzig, and elsewhere still show trellises from this period. Typical were trellises (bars and lattices) in chessboard design / chequered pattern without emphasis on the vertical and without strongly protruding lath ends.

Grapevine on a building in the "Garden-City" architectural style, Weimar / Thuringia
Grapevine on a building in the "Garden-City" architectural style, Weimar / Thuringia

The Idea Spreads...

The idea of a "green city" became somewhat contagious... initially, it was adopted exclusively in the neo-Germanic (revival) style. Soon thousands of simple single-family houses were built, as well as "social housing buildings" (promoted by the new building societies/savings and loan associations), and with them, wall trellises. The 'green city' idea married itself here with the international style from time to time. Even hospitals and industrial buildings then became greened, mostly with self-clinging climbers that didn't need a cable or wire system.

...and the "Flash in the Pan" goes out

The wave of facade greening subsided when it became clear that roses and clematis needed care, pruning, and the time for both. The same was true with the fashionable fruit trellises: without consistent care, no 'prize' (fruit yield) was to be won here. It was finally World War II, circa 1940, which halted the facade gardens and threw them back by a decade. With what was left of facade greening by then in the 1950's, heirs and successors often had no idea about the care and pruning of the climbing plants. 'Greened' buildings and houses therefore became a peripheral theme until the environmental movement was born.

University medical complex with clinker brick facade, likely ca. 1930, with Boston ivy. Liebigstraße / Leipzig / Saxony

Garden City Buildings

Photo gallery 

Old and restored trellises, townhouses in the OT "Wilder Mann," Dresden/Saxony
Apartment buildings with preserved trellises in Chemnitz/Saxony
Evergreen, honeysuckle, woodbine, rose and others, Garden City Leipzig Marienbrunn
Garden City houses in Jena / Thuringia
House with trellis plants Jena / Thuringia
Chequered square lattices in Jena / Thuringia
Common Virginia creeper on a wooden trellis, Garden City Leipzig Marienbrunn/Saxony
Wooden espalier with roses, Garden City "Werkssiedlung Piesteritz," Wittenberg / Saxony-Anhalt
Historic espalier wall, Garden City "Werkssiedlung Piesteritz," Wittenberg / Saxony-Anhalt
Construction alternating between one and two floors... the wooden espaliers adapt in accordance to the store height; garden settlement Piesteritz, Wittenberg / Saxony-Anhalt
Duplex with espaliers, Garden City "Werkssiedlung Piesteritz," Wittenberg / Saxony-anhalt
Small climbing roses, Garden city Dresden-Hellerau / Saxony

Single-Family Houses in the Traditional Regional Style (Heritage Protection)

Photo gallery 

Residential building in Weimar / Thuringia
Building in the (German) traditional style. Pergola with Wild vines, Weimar/Thuringia. There are naturally British, French, Austrian, Swiss etc... revival styles.
Villa with pear espalier on the unchanged original facade, Markkleeberg/Saxony
Residential building in Freyburg/Unstrut/Saxony Anhalt
Vines among other greenery on a residential building, Nossen/Saxony
Villa in the German country-house (home revival) style with climbing roses, Potsdam/Brandenburg
Town villa with wild vine (Boston Ivy), Dresden/Saxony
House in heritage-protection style, near Dresden/Saxony partly greened with ivy
Little Rose bush on a building in Jena/Thuringia
Villa with wisteria in Naumburg/Saxony-Anhalt
Single-family house with original plaster and rudimentary grape vine trellis, Leipzig Saxony
Buildings complex in the German home revival style, façade greening with Dutchman's Pipe, Halle on the Saale River / Saxony - Anhalt
Lush trumpet vine in the garden city of Halle-Nietleben / Saxony-Anhalt
City villa with grapevine espaliers, Jena / Thuringia
Drainpipe greening on a duplex with trumpet vine, Leipzig Saxony
Historic wooden espalier with sour cherries. According to the owner, all the houses of this settlement had such cherry espaliers at the time of construction-- ca. 1930, Leipzig-Knauthein / Saxony

Social and Cooperative Housing

Photo gallery 

Street greening with wooden trellises in Jena / Thuringia
Wild grapevines in Leipzig / Saxony; see photo on the right
Boston ivy, explanation of previous photo
Remains of old wooden trellises on a housing development, Rochlitz/Saxony
Dutchman's Pipe on a drainpipe, Dresden/Saxony
Evergreen honeysuckle / woodbine in Jena/Thuringia
Residential building from approx. 1935 with old vine trellises, the Saale River in Halle/Saxony-Anhalt
Social housing from approx. 1930 with Boston ivy-- renovated, heat-insulated, and greened, Leipzig/Saxony
Residential complex with partly restored trellises on a remarkable building in which the irreconcilable styles: "garden city" and " modern construction" were married, in Halle on the Salle river/Saxony-Anhalt
Construction panel with photo of the historical original of the previous photo; trellises visible in full size, Halle on the Salle/Saxony-Anhalt
Climbing rose as a balcony greening, Leipzig-Marienbrunn/Saxony
Typical for the housing of that time: Boston ivy, Leipzig / Saxony