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Garage Greening

Garages and prefab garages can be greened partially or fully like house walls. Due to the low wall heights and the often very thin walls made of ready-made concrete or sheet metal, greening must take some things into account such as these following examples. All of the following statements also apply to double garages, larger garage facilities, toilet houses and substations. Similar examples on the pages graffiti, arbours and walls.

Greened garage with grapevines and other plants in pots

Climbing Plants

Climbing plants on support systems are at an advantage compared to the self climbing plants, due to the fact that the walls are usually to small. Vigorous twining plants such as wisteria, are also not suited for these objects, unless you cut and care for them exceptionally. In any case, plants should not be allowed to grow up to the roof area, otherwise they may cause damage.

Climbing Plant Support Systems

Horizontal arrays are best suited for garages. However, vertical and angled systems work as well. The vertical orientated arrangements have to be kept short, so that the plants don't grow onto or into the roof. Systems 5040 and 8030 in a more rectangular arrangement, are suited for the larger side walls of garages. Also usable are systems 5030, 8010 and 4040. For longer parts of the garage or the back, you can arrange multiple system from the 6000 category next to one another. Most often medium, basic and light kits suffice, however, heavy and massive styles may be necessary for more wall distance, especially for fragile roses and grapevines (mildew).

Technical Details

Prefab garages often thin concrete walls, for which we have the medium construction style "Classic", however, modified with the cross mount WM 10081, which were developed for just this purpose. You only have to drill in 4 cm. When ordering, simply state that you want this modification, and we will send you WM 10081 instead of the standard WH 10151 - without price increase. Sometimes "exposed masonry" is used for garages. Please note the indications for the specific situation. If the garages are made of sheet metal, you can drill through the sheet, and if it is sturdy enough, thread a bolt or mount with metric thread through the hole and lock it with a nut from the inside (Through hole fastening). To avoid cracks in the upper wall areas and corner areas, we suggest expansion free installation in those areas. More on the topic under Walls.

Public WC facility greened with Clematis hybrids on the system 7030, heavy style, with WM 12XX8 on insulation.
Public WC facility with Clematis hybrids
Clematis on a garage
Clematis on a garage

Garage Doors

This gallery shows greened garage door. Please click on the photos to enlarge them.

Wine-growing over a garage door. Grapevines trained as horizontal cordons.
Wall greening over a historical garage with wild vines (Thicket creeper - without adhesion feet)
Rose trellis over garage
Wall greenery over a garage door with thrice lobbed wild vine (Boston Ivy)
These climbing plants (grapevines) are attached to a horizontal cable analogous to system 1060.
Winter photo: grapevines in development, over a garage door, on a cable strand similar to system 1060, basic style.
Greenery on a garage with two Clematis. system analogous to cable system 1020.
Climbing Hydrangea on a small wooden lattice attached to a double garage
Garage-greening with climbing roses on wire rope system 3040, medium construction style "Classic".
Rose trellis in late autumn over a double garage
Greenery between two garage doors - Kiwi.
Grapevines planted at a garage on wire rope
Rose and Clematis. Cable system 7040, heavy kit because of the larger wall distance (Mildew risk)
Modified basic construction, system 3060 with Clematis Montana.
Overhanging greenery - Winter Jasmin
Overhanging greenery in winter - Winter Jasmin

Long wall fronts on garages

Here you will see how long wall fronts are greened. Similar examples can be found under walls and graffiti.

Evergreen greening with Ivy - Hedera Colchica -. The plant cannot be allowed to grow underneath the sheeting!
Wall greening with wild grapes and vines. Horizontal steel cables in medium construction style "Classic".
These plants (grapevines) are climbing on to diagonal wires on the garage
Greening up a garage with grapevines on grid formed wire ropes .
Climbing support structure of historic wall hooks anew with wire ropes and clamp rings, analogous to system 5030 - roses -.
Grapevines (winter photo) on a climbing support made of wire rope - heavy style, system similar to 5030 -.
Garage greening with roses and a modified wire rope system 5030, medium construction style "Classic".
Trellis fruit (Pear and Apricot) on a modified support system 5040 in heavy style.
Garage greening with espalier cherries. System 8030, modified. Medium construction style "Classic" with cross mounts for concrete garages WM 10081.
Wall greenery on a garage. Evergreen Honeysuckle on a system similar to 5050, heavy style.
Support system similar to 4040, medium style "Classic" for grapevines.
Trellis system 3050 modified, medium construction style "Classic" for two grapevines.
Wisteria on a prefab garage in autumn. System 2020 (modified), medium style "Classic" but with shorter cross mount WM 10081.
Several evergreen honeysuckles on a wire rope system 1020 attached to a garage.
Three cable systems 4020, medium style "Classic" with cross mounts for concrete garages WM 10081 - evergreen honeysuckle.
Two wall systems 6040 in heavy construction style for wild vines
Many wire rope systems 6020 in heavy style for twiners, on the back of a garage facility.
Garage with a wooden trellis - Hanger bolt AS 10100
Wooden espalier with blackberries
Relatively care free, evergreen Cotoneaster, greening up a garage facility.
Substation with evergreen honeysuckle on a metal lattice

Garage walls with windows or doors, shorter surfaces

In this gallery you will see narrow areas on garages that have been greened. Mostly doors windows and other openings, but also some street furniture.

Two small climbing support  / greening systems with evergreen Honeysuckle
Greenery on the back side of a sheet metal garage. In this case: grapevines on a steel wire rope (heavy kit with WM 12XX2 cross mounts).
Garage with greening cables (medium construction style), grapevines in the developing stage
Vegetation on a prefab garage. Grapevines in a pot on a modified medium style "Classic" system. Cross mount with a short shaft WM 10081.
Brown-eyed Susanne on a prefab garage with cable lattice system 5040 in light construction style.
Prefab garage with growth support mesh, system 5040 medium style "Classic". Wall mounts WM 10081 for climbing roses.
Garage greened with Clematis. Wire rope system 5030, medium construction style.
Cable system 5030 for Clematis, basic kit
Two wire rope systems 4040 in light style for grapevines.
Support system no. 7050, medium kit for roses
A modified medium kit, system 8010 / 8040 on a garage with grapevines.
Cable strands for grapevines. Three system 1060, heavy construction, with cross mount WM 12227 and brass dowel.
Prefab garage greened with Winter Jasmin, Clematis and others. Wire rope system 5010, basic style, with eyelet screws WH 06061.
Side building (toilet house) greened with Dutchman's Pipe.
WC facility greened with Clematis on the system 7030, heavy style, with WM 12XX8 on insulation.
Self climbing plant (Ivy) greens up building. Regular trimming and maintenance is needed in this case. Market place in Holstein, Neustadt / Schleswig-Holstein
City furnishing of a trams final stop
Cable strands for grapevines according to system 9040, medium construction style "Classic"
Wire rope system similar to 8040 / 9040, medium construction style "Classic"