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In this sub section of the range 'exposed masonry,' You can read about the greening of Gabions. Please also note the information in the areas: ideas / objects / walls.


Gabions are special dry stone walls, where the stones are not a large stone on stone composite, but are smaller rocks held in by mesh baskets in a rectangular shape. The stone baskets can be stacked as oversized 'building blocks' in turn. Thus, very inexpensive high walls can be created.  For example, embankment construction on motorways, etc ... The baskets are usually made of galvanized steel wire.

Greening of Gabions

The already lattice formed gabions already allow many climber plants, depending on the growing plant type. But then it is to be expected, depending on the microclimate, a faster corrosion of the wire mesh baskets. This is related to the number and duration of wet (rain/dew) intervals that come together in one year. High humidity and lack of wind do the rest, slowing the drying after rain and then causing corrosion. The corrosion can then be increased approximately by a factor of 3, which means that rust is not formed until after 30 years, but under the vegetation after 10 years. therefore gabions be used with stainless steel wire as a preventive measure.

Cable systems on the wire baskets

Both in-between gabions or even above them, growth wire ropes are sometimes used to grow plants. They can be fixed to the wires of the baskets. To rule out electrolytic action, the wire baskets in turn should be made of stainless steel, in the ideal case. If this is not possible, direct contact of both metals (zinc plated steel and stainless steel) are to be prevented.  The rope wire should be passed a through UV-resistant hose or wrapped in UV-resistant bandage, should be placed between them to hinder contact.

Cable systems on the stones

In exceptional cases, wire ropes directly attached to the stones trellises, gabions, can be useful, i.e., as if, for example, a certain distance from a wall is necessary because of preventive mildew protection. Plants like Real Vine, Roses, and Clematis hybrids then will have in direct sunshine less heat stress and are more resistant to fungal diseases... First there are several stones “cemented” before mounting by composite mortar pressed into the stone joints together to form a larger stone block, then light or medium kits are mounted. When in doubt, spread pressure free anchoring, i.e. by bonding with bonding mortar. Hammer drills, universal drills, and percussion drills are equally suitable.

Gabions vegetated with hops
Greenery on gabions
Gabion areas planted with Dutchman's Pipe
Gabio with dutchmans pipe (location: island "ziegenwerder", Frankfurt on the Oder, Brandenburg)
Wire rope runs through rubber sleeve
gabion with high grade stainless steel wire rope
Greened privacy wall. Steel cables attached to Gabions.
Greening up gabions