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Free standing wooden trellises

In façade greening, trellises are mounted on walls and for that there is a large overview. In addition, wooden trellis can also stand free, so in the garden, as a screen, or a pergola. Here you will find suggestions for self-construction! There are vertical lath arrangements possible, but also diamonds shaped or chequers. The trellises can also be made of plastic, especially in planter boxes. Furthermore, there are free-standing trellis of metal or bamboo.

Free standing trellis without wall contact on a pergola
Free standing trellis without wall contact on a pergola

Trellis with support post

Wooden trellises can also be set up as a plant supports in the garden. For this purpose, commercially available or self-built trellises or lattices are connected to a post, preferably a 7 x 7 cm squared Robinia timber. The thick cross-section is necessary so that the trellis does not fall over in wind and storm. At the same time, such a squared timber can be set into a commercially available, galvanized ground sleeve .The rotting of the post in the ground area is thus prevented, and the trellis can stand many years or decades!

Free standing wooden trellis

Trellis with Planter Box

Often free standing trellises are combined with planter boxes. With the weight of the plant soil, the trellis is then stable even under wind pressure. Especially annual perennials, but also Clematis are suitable for such trellises. To prevent rotting, plastic is often used instead of wood.

Mandevilla on a trellis in a plastic planter box

Trellis as a Privacy Screen

If a trellis is to serve as a privacy screen, larger elements are required, for example, 2 m x 2 m. Most of them have a sturdy wooden frame. In full vegetation, they offer the wind a large surface (like a sail) and must be firmly anchored. They are usually installed between to posts.

Privacy screen with a greened trellis, here Mandevilla Rubiniana

Trellis on Pergolas and Carports

If the trellis is mounted on the supports of a pergola, stability is guaranteed. The same applies to carports. If you are planning a pergola with privacy screen you can adjust the arrangement of the supports so that they match the dimensions of the trellis.

Pergola with trellis

Free standing trellis with greenery

More examples on the page "Ideas" under Pergola, Carport and Archways

Free standing wooden trellis in a planter, Silver Lace Vine
Privacy screen with trumpet vines on a trellis
Approx. 15 year old wooden trellis with patina, Clematis and roses
Trellis for wild and real grapevines, robinia wood
Fence with roses
Old trellis with unique design
Free standing trellis for grapevines in a classic construction
Pergola with trellis for grapevines, winter photo
Self made trellis on an archway, grapevines