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Window and Flower Boxes

Windows with flower boxes actually also come under the category of "facade greening" (a selective partial greening). Sometimes they are the only opportunity for walls to  for example, they are with insulation or also then the only opportunity for to bring green onto a facade when, for example, there is insulation, or there is no possibility to grow plants from below. We show greening that has been successful here with window boxes, 'greened'/'flowered' traffic lights and the like. Below, you can find photos examples of attachment and protection (against falling down) and of the combination of window boxes and extensive facade greenery.

Timber frame construction with flower-boxes in Schleswig-Holstein

Material and Planting

Window boxes are often made of sheetmetal, high-grade steel, special woods, but most are synthetic material -plastic- today. Ingenious constructions of storage and eutrophication leading up to automated grass planting systems can be found today. Many other plants are suitable for planting next to the usual geraniums you buy from regional flower stores and garden centers.

Flower box at a modern house
Lush greened flower box

Does Every Window Have Its Box ?

Small solutions usually aren't convincing when designing window boxes because a single flower box on a big wall seems almost lost. Therefore as many possible windows should be fitted, e.g. all windows of a house floor with boxes. For a uniform phenotype it is appropriate, often simple to fit all windows of a facade with window boxes, generally speaking.

Greening of windows in Binz / Rügen / Mecklenburg-Hither Pomerania
Geraniums in Flowerboxes in Sellin / Rügen / Mecklenburg-Hither Pomerania
Flower boxes in Altenburg / Thuringia
Many many flower boxes in Baabe / Rügen / Mecklenburg-Hither Pomerania
Flower boxes in Wernigerode / Saxony-Anhalt

Fastening and Securing

Window boxes are usually put on an available window sill. If a sill is not available, rails get immured, consoles screwed to the outer wall or protection / lattices can also be combined.

During a storm planting boxes can be swept away, especially  if they are old and dried out. Different devices help to prevent this: protection rods which are screwed on the wall and horizontal, protection boards or solid protective grilles are installed.

Window greening in Taucha / Saxony
Flower boxes on windowsills
Flower box on windowsill
Flower boxes on supports
Holders for flower boxes
Saftey panel for flower boxes

Flower Boxes Within a Wall Green Up

Window boxes can also be combined with a facade green up! For example, they can act as spot of color on a wall overgrown with wild vines or in a higher floor they can supplement a wall greening beneath it if this is conceived for reasons of easy care and low fees.

Flower box amidst Grape Vine
Hanging geraniums over Wisteria on town hall in Lichtenfels / Bavaria
Flower boxes between Bosten Ivy
Flower boxes amidst Thicket Creeper with autumn coloring, Town hall of Quedlinburg / Saxony-Anhalt
Old Milk jugs as plant troughs
Hanging flower box

Alternative Flower Boxes

With divergent creation and unusual materials flowered window boxes can become "attention grabbers" If they are made of burnt clay or have special colored grilles or they're hanging as pure color for pedestrians, to stop them in their tracks - flower traffic lights!

Fancy flower boxes, Meißen / Saxony
Flower box made of clay