XP5 Wire rope holder M12 for ETICS, XP 12XX5

Product sheet

Description / Price

Cable fixing for facades with external insulation, stainless steel 304, head for crossed cables ⌀ 20 mm with Allen grub screw, flat nut M12, thick nut M12, cone nut M12, covering disc ⌀85 mm with gasket (resistant foam), flat nut M12, washer ⌀ 50 mm, 2 distance plates (plastic) ⌀ 125 mm x 5 mm, supporting bloc: M12 threaded shaft glued to cellular glass spacers (2,5 MPA) ⌀ 125 mm. Thermal bridge reduction through cementing; thermal separator TT 12150 available as a separate article. No expansion pressure. One cartridge of composite mortar necessary for every fixing, NOT included.

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For 3 mm wire rope on external insulation (ETICS) facades, with almost any building material. For medium and heavy fixing kits, in accordance to the specifications of the chosen wire rope trellis. Holds a single strand of rope or two crossed ropes. The distance between two anchor points should not exceed 1,8 m for horizontal ropes and 2,2 m for vertical ropes. Maximum recommended wall distance is 9 cm. You will be responsible in determining if the product is suited for your specific case. Please read our Terms and Conditions. Read the additional information on choosing a suitable cable anchor for ETICS and the comparative spreadsheet.


Available sizes

Insulation thickness

Wire-rope diameter

Cable to wall distance

Article number

12 cm

3 (4) mm

9 - 10 cm

XP 12355

14 cm

3 (4) mm

9 - 10 cm

XP 12375

15 cm

3 (4) mm

9 - 10 cm

XP 12385

16 cm

3 (4) mm

9 - 10 cm

XP 12395

18 cm

3 mm

9 - 10 cm

XP 12415

20 cm

3 mm

9 cm

XP 12435

22 cm

3 mm

9 cm

XP 12455

Information for online customers: the "X" in the article number is a variable that indicates shaft length. The 3rd and 4th numbers indicate the shaft length in centimeters. The length must be chosen in accordance to the thickness of the insulation layer. Plaster and adhesive layers are already included in the calculation above. Please chose the appropriate shaft length and indicate the relevant article number while making the purchase in the field "Remarks". We will contact you if you omit to indicate a length.


Recommended tools

To cut out an insulation cylinder, we recommend out insulation saw FK 00125. To bore a hole in the underlying masonry we recommand our hammer drill bit HB 16310, or the drill bit HB 16450 for insulations thicker than 16 cm. The percussive drill bit SB 16400 may also be used.



All the individual steps can be carried before or after the external plaster is applied on the insulation layers. This fixing anchor must be sealed in with composite mortar. More informations on the assembly process are available on the page dedicated to assembly, or on the assembly-portal.


Fabrication and materials

Made in Germany