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Eyelet Nail 4 / 65 mm, NA 04060

Hakennagel rund Edelstahl

Product sheet

Description / Price

Special nail with eye head (eye nail, nail eye), made of high-grade steel V2A, 4 mm strong, length of 67 mm, opening breadth of the eye approx. 1 mm.  >>> Price



Standard eyelet for easy kits "Mini". The simplest, cantilevered eyelet, which guarantees space between wire rope and surface, more than staples and staple nails. For intermediate and end supports for guiding wire and wire cable (simple design) to about 2 mm cable diameter, with 1.5 - 2 cm from the wall. For solid wood (freestanding trellises, pergolas, timber-framed houses, etc.), but especially for cladding with or without battens. For massive wood (free-standing trellises, pergolas, half-timbered houses etc.), primarily but also for frameworks, casings, with or without counter battens. Minimum strength of the wood underground should be approx. 22 -25 mm. Please also use the general information about the choice of suitable eyelet bolts.



When hammering in the round hook nail directly into the wood, pay attention to the desired wall distance of the eyelet. Eyelet nails as final fastenings should be knocked in more deeply and at best be at a little angle so that they can "brace" themselves contrary to the cable traction. With hardwood with approx. 2 mms prebore, also with very narrow wooden cross sections to avoid to splinters of the wood. Please  attempt to determine a favorable drill diameter. Assembly in end wood is possible. Sand away any rough iron bits so as to avoid rust tracks in the future.



"Made in Germany" (Saxony)

Eyelet nail in wooden board
Hook nail in wood with 1.8 mm wire and a simple clamp
Trennwand aus Holz
Border wall with cable system for greening
Hakennagel / Ösen in Holzschalung
Greening with clematis montana and climbing hydrangea, proliferation in spring