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Wall Eyelet Extra Long M10, WH 10180

Ringschraube Edelstahl

Product sheet

Description / Price

Long version of the eyebolt WH 10150, stainless steel V2A, shaft  M10 / H9, ring nut, lock nut, flange nut, washer d=8.9 mm, seal and long dowels.  >>> Price



Wall eyelet for special cases that have increased wall distance of 8 cm, sometimes in connection with WH 10181 For 1.8 mm steel cable. Conditionally suitable for 3 mm steel cable, due to the longer overhang then but lower stability and significantly higher deflection than WH 10150.  This wall eye is only suitable for medium-sized kits 'Classic' when the distance from eyelet to eyelet, instead of up to 1.5 m is reduced to approx. 0.6 -1.0 m. There are exceptions for low cable systems up to 2 m height (for example- Cable System 8020), which are planted with low growing plants such as annuals, clematis, roses or vine, then the wall eyelet is completely analogous to WH 10150, also can be used as medium kits 'Classic'. Steel wire rope can only be tensioned slightly during assembly. like the product WH 10150 this eyelet is particularly suited for hollow bricks, in addition to many wall types, please check the link. When assembling in board materials anchoring is only possible in the substructure and material thickness should at least be a total of about 60 mm. Please also use the information to select appropriate eyebolts.



Please note the information sheet, if necessary, about drilling. Usually with long dowel DL 12090, grease the shaft slightly. In board materials use dowels DH 12075, in solid wood no plugs (pre-drilling about 8 mm, 9 mm front). For optimum sealing of the surface, it should be reasonably flat or prepared (sanded).The wall eyelet is inserted into the pre-drilled hole (wood) or in the chosen anchors and screwed and positioned by means of a transversely inserting a mandrel or screwdriver through the ring. The further installation is as described for medium kits.



Production "made in Germany", ring eyelet and hexagon nuts from the Far East 

Seilzug auf einer Wand
Cable to basic shape form 2030, modified, on the left above (and below) WH 10180, clematis montana