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Eyelet Bolt / Eyelet Screw 6 mm, WH 06060

Ösenschraube Edelstahl

Product sheet

Description / Price

Eyelet screw made of high-grade steel with firm shaft of 6 mm (for bend crease strain) and single milled wood thread 6 mm, total length 90 mm, skirt length 65 mm. surface mat. Caution: Comparable eyelet bolts 6/60 mm usually have only a thinner 5 mm shaft with a thread H6 and therefore are less suitable for bend crease strain. Like the picture. >>> Price



Standard eyelet for easy kits "Basic-S". As a price alternative to the bigger eyelet bolt WH 07080. For cable diameters to approx. 2 mm in the exception to 3 mm. Suitable for growing ropes and wires with very low strain on many wall types. For a maximum of 2 cm wall clearance. The distance from eyelet screw to eyelet screws should not exceed 1.5 m. Please also use the information about the choice of suitable eyelet bolts.



Please, notice the leaflet drilling work! Dowel DH 08050. If screw eyelet bolt will be mounted in aerated masonry or aerated concrete, better use dowel DH 10065 (same link as DH 08050), so that the shaft (almost) completely disappears into the wall, otherwise increased flexural buckling stress can happen.



"Made in Germany" (North Rhine-Westphalia)

wire rope tensioner
montierte Schrauböse
WH 06060 as an inter-support in a facing wall made from massive masonry
Eyeletscrews in comparison
Eyelet screws in comparison: WH 07080 / WH 06060 / NA 04060
Schrauböse aus Edelstahl
The eyelet must be screwed into the plug so deeply.