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Ring Eyelet for Adhesion M10, WM 10100 (Ring Bolt M10)

Ringöse aus Edelstahl

Product sheet

Description /Price

Ring Eye (Ring Bolt Eyebolt) made of stainless steel, shaft M10, with adjusting nut, spring washer, and washer. The wall bracket is delivered disassembled. >>> Price



Inexpensive cable mount for many surfaces, especially for protection/privacy walls of concrete or in edge areas where anchorage must be free of expansion pressure. For 3 mm cable; in exceptional cases up to 4 mm, for Medium 'Classic' Kits according to the specifications of the respective cable system, often in conjunction with WM 10101. Wall clearance about 4-5 cm. The distance from ring eye to ring eye should not exceed 1.5 m, if possible. Close the drill hole and protect against water penetration. Please also refer to the section on eyebolts for support in selection.



If necessary, please refer to the instruction sheet on drilling work. Observe drilling operations. Drill hole 12 mm diameter, 60 mm deep, brush out and blow out hole for better adhesion of the mortar. Press in the composite mortar (determine quantity or number of strokes through experimentation) and then within 2 -3 minutes, insert the shaft by rotation: insertion depth greater than 5 cm, or about 5.3 cm, so that the longer part of the shaft lies in the wall and there is no overweight at the front. Press the shaft slightly against the lower wall of the borehole so that it rests, in a sense, against the lower wall of the borehole and any 'sagging' during the setting process is avoided. Wipe off any excess mortar. Approx. 4-5 minutes after pressing in the mortar, when the setting begins and the set screws no longer slip, wipe off the bonding area again so that a flat surface is created and the borehole is completely filled or sealed with mortar. If necessary, remove the mortar residues from the thread. After setting/hardening (see cartridge), slide on the washer and spring washer, put on full nut and tighten with wrench against the wall; seal (gasket) is not required. Put on the thin nut (only a few millimeters) and the eyelet ring, and align. Lock the thin nut and the ring by putting a srewdriver through the eyelet. Hold it and lock the nut against the eyelet ring with a wrench. Continue the assembly as described for Medium Kits.


Special Features

Conditionally suitable for massive/solid wood > 5 cm (hardwood for timber framing or timber formwork...shuttering, etc.. including battens). Assembly: drilling diameter 8-9 mm, grease the threaded shaft, screw in directly and secure/tighten the washer. For special cases the ring eye is available with a longer shaft (150 mm) than WM 10150 at no extra cost. A bolt-set (with nut, spring/lock washer and flat washer) for push-through mounting into wood posts etc. is also available.



Production: Germany (Saxony), eyelet and hexagon nuts from the Far East.

Gartenmauer begrünen
Cable system 4010, WM 10100 stuck in and on the upper edge of a garden wall
Halterung für Drahtseil
Strongly on course and therefore bonded eyebolts WM 10100, loaded cable systems 4030/1050.
Begrünung Gartenhaus
Cable system 7060, through-hole mounting in wooden planks