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Turnbuckle M5 (tensioner), SP 05160

Stainless steel turnbuckle hook-eye

Product sheet

Description / Price

Simple rope tensioning, device/tightening screw, made of high-grade stainless steel with hooks and eye, open design, with right and left-handed thread, M5, length approx. 120 - 160 mm, clamping stroke max. 5 cm, throat width hook approx. 7.5 mm. >>> Price



As a cable tensioner in wire and cable trellises. The open hook SP 05160 is directly, ie suspended without further connecting elements in wall eyelets of FassadenGrün. The hook into the ground anchors requires a circular ring as a link. For wire and wire rope up to approx. 3 mm diameter. With high perpendicular cables it is to be considered whether the tension adjuster should be inserted rather above or below. An installation high up above is preferred and is more tamper-proof than down near the public street area. The tension screw is more accessible down below however, if it must be readjusted. Please use if necessary also the general information on the use of cable clamps and tensioners, etc..



Before the installation of the rope tensioning device, eye and hook are screwed apart so that there is only 1 cm left of thread to turn. In the following installation, first tension the wire rope lightly then apply turnbuckle. Then can tension be achieved with few revolutions of the clamping sleeve. Use a spike, nail, screw or the like, inserted through the center of the sleeve and the sleeve is rotated so that so both threaded shafts are pulled together evenly. Both are then screwed for about half its length into the threaded sleeve, which also gives a harmonious appearance. In addition enough space still exists, if re-tensioning should be necessary later on.


Special Features

FassadenGrün cable systems are usually designed economically so that the installation of tensioning elements is unnecessary. With easy kits without cross holder, cable tensioners are sometimes recommended. The number of tensioners in a growing system can be restricted by reasonable order and networking of the ropes. Usually it is possible to combine at least two ropes of diversion, and in their midst to incorporate the tensioner - it being responsible more or less for both ropes.



Imports (the Far East)

Stainless steel turnbuckle hook-eye
Horizontal rope with a small turnbuckle hook/eye put in a wall eyelet
Mounted wire rope tensioner M5
Putting the tensioner in a stainless steel eyelet at a post
Stainless steel turnbuckle M5
Tensioner on a hanging growing cable