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End sleeves for steel rod ends, EM 0000X

Plastic end sleeve

Product sheet

Description / Prices 

End fittings / end caps made of plastics black, EM 00003 is pictured.

  • EM 00003, for cable diameter 3 mm, 1 piece - Price

  • EM 10003, for cable diameter 3 mm, 10 pieces - Price

  • EM 00004, for cable diameter 4 mm, 1 piece - Price

  • EM 10004, for cable diameter 4 mm, 10 pieces - Price



For protruding cable ends in the case of wire cable 3 and 4 mm, prevention against unraveling of wire cables and resulting injuries, for instance during cutting works on the espalier. An aesthetically appealing, simple and timesaving variant easy to assemble for the safeguarding of wire cable ends. Please use the general information on cable ends as well.



The caps are placed on the cable ends, or twisted along the cable braid direction meaning the contraclockwise attachment. They will not move due to the tight fit.



"Made in Germany" (North Rhine-Westphalia). We offer these end fittings / end caps made of plastics because there are currently no comparable articles of renewable raw materials available.

End sleeve for steel rods
End fitting EM 00003 on stainless steel rod
Plastic end sleeve
Rankstäbe mit Endmuffen als Klettersprossen zwischen zwei Seilen
End sleeve for wire ropes
End sleeve EM 00003
Plastic end sleeve
Plastic end sleeve