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Easy Kit “Mini”

54 pre-assembled stainless steel FassadenGruen-growing/climbing aids are classified into five construction styles/kits. The first-- “Easy Style/Kit”-- offers a lower standard in all parameters and is subdivided into 3 versions: Mini, Basic-S and Basic. The Mini version is very inexpensive (please view the comparison page). You can buy pre-assembled kits or assemble your own order in the online shop. The Light Kit/construction style is similarly delicate but of higher quality. 

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Wall Mount / Surface

Mini Kits are suitable for many different wall types, especially for special facades as well as prefabricated garages. You can discard the plug and assemble directly into framework, panels or arbors. The mini kits are less suitable for plastered brick walls, due to the shallow anchorage. Mini Kits consist of eyelet nails NA 04060 with 4mm shafts (with plugs), thin 2 (1,8 ) mm wire rope and simplex clamps which are used for fixing the wire rope in the eyelet. Turnbuckles or tensioners and thimbles are not necessary and are not included. An alternative to eyelet nails are staple nails KN 04055.

Area of application

“Basic Kits" are intended for private as well as professional use, for small and medium surfaces. Due to their low load capacity, the Mini Kits are only suitable for a small selection of plants-- smaller clematis and annuals, for example. Please review the individual climbing plants for suitability, and view the section on “Planning” for more general information. 




  • Miniature version for certain cases

  • Very inexpensive

  • Very light loads

  • Slight wall distance of 2 cm. In wood without dowel 2,5 cm

  • Delicate and unobtrusive. Also for wood paneling and similar surfaces

  • For 1,8 – 2 cm Wire rope

  • made of stainless steel AISI 304, wire rope even AISI 316

  • Shaft thickness 4 mm

  • Easy to install, borehole (plug) 6 mm. Drill depth only 5 cm

  • With eyelet nail NA 04060 and dowel DH 06040

  • There are no other variants for insulation or similar walls/surfaces.

  • Turnbuckles and thimbles are not necessary but optional 




Instructions on how to install Easy/Simple Kits can be found in the section 'Wire Rope Systems: Installation. Please check to see if you need any tools!

Wire rope assembly analogous to system 4020 for roses on a delicate pillar
Wire rope assembly analogous to system 4020 for roses on a delicate pillar
Three combined systems for clematis
Simple wall grids made of cable
Clematis on wooden paneling
Clematis on wooden panelling
Eyelet Nail NA 04060 with dowel and 1,8 mm stainless steel wire rope
Wire rope system 8050 at a garage drive way. The ivy doesn’t want to climb!
Wire rope trellis for Ivy
Support wire for firethorn, eyelet nail directly in wood
Firethorn on a façade
Climbing nails NA 04060 with 1,8 mm wire rope as starter for ivy
Climbing nails NA 04060 with 1,8 mm wire rope as starter for ivy