Easy Kits “Basic”

54 pre-assembled stainless steel FassadenGruen-growing aids, classified into five construction styles. The first, “Easy Style” offers a lower standard in all parameters and is split into 3 versions (Mini, Basic-S and Basic). On this page we have the sturdy “Basic” version. Please view the comparison page. You can buy pre-assembled kits or assemble you´re own order in the online shop.

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  • Basis version for many cases

  • low price

  • for low to medium loads

  • small wall distance of 3 cm, in solid wood without dowel up to 4 cm

  • Extremely sturdy and very resilien

  • for cable diameter 3 mm

  • made of Stainless steel AISI 304, wire rope clamps and wire rope AISI 316 

  • Shaft thickness 7 mm, cut wood thread W7 

  • easy to install, borehole diameter (dowel) 10 mm, bore depth only 7 cm  

  • Special eye screws in stock, however no variation for insulated walls or similar surfaces 

  • Turnbuckles and thimbles are not necessary but optional

Area of application

“Basic” kits are suitable for private and professional use. They are for small and large surfaces and are compatible with many plants (in some cases even for grapes and roses). Please check the individual traits of the plants in question. Like all easy styles, basic kits are not meant for representative purposes or for heavy loads. They are more suited for walls like noise barriers, flood control walls and retaining walls. Also for outbuildings, firewalls and wooden structures. Please also view the page “Planning” for more general information.

Wall Mount / Surface

“Basic” kits are suitable for almost any type of wall, especially without plug in trusses/ framework or arbors etc. The kits are equipped with Eyebolts WH 07080 with 7 mm shafts. The kits wire rope is fixed by looping it through the eyelet and clamping it with wire rope clamps. Turnbuckles and thimbles are not necessary and not included. In case you should assemble and individual order or have it assembled for you, there are other kinds of eyebolts in stock that differ in design, price and load capacity. A high quality alternative is the WH 08080.


Instructions on how to install Easy kits can be found in the section Wire rope systems / Installation. Please clarify if you need any tools!

Wall with grapes
Façade greening with thicket creeper on an outbuilding
Climbing Hydrangea
system 5030 guidance and growing aid for climbing hydrangea
Kit with wire rope and eyelet screws
Standard eye screw WH 07080 with dowel and 3 mm wire rope
Eyelet screw for wild vines
WH 07080 with attached turnbuckle SP 05160
Stainless steel wire trellis
Wire rope system 9020 extensive array, grapes in autumn
Climbing support elements for Clematis
Several systems 4020 for vertical greening with clematis
Wild vines as wall greenery
five wire rope systems 1050 as fall protection for virginia creeper