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Dry Stone

In the section of 'exposed masonry' we address dry stone walls in relation to the attachment of our climbing aids. Please also note the information provided in the areas: ideas/objects/walls.

Characteristics and Troubleshooting

Dry stone is so called because the bricks/stones are stacked to make walls but using no mortar to bind them, thus they remain dry. Dry stone structures are stable due to their unique construction method of interlocking stones, which can be made of both older, natural rocks or dressed concrete blocks. For freestanding walls, the bricks are often fixed on site with a bonding mortar to increase stability. As with rubble masonry, the natural stones used may already be strongly weathered, cracked and/or torn, always be aware of the durability of the stones, before installing a climbing aid system.


Suitable wall bracket, anchors and drill

All five of our construction styles together with their standard brackets can be used with dry stone, however  our heavy and massive kits should be kept for considerably large stones only, the material thickness of the wall is key for successfully installing anchors or rawlplugs affectively. Weaker cable systems, such as our 'lightweight design', can be paired with smaller stones. If you feel uncertain about the structural integrity of the facade, you can increase stability by squeezing mortar into the stone joints to create a larger, more stable stone block; this is called cementing and means that you can instal expansion anchors, rail-lugs etc. without the use of composite mortar.

We recommend Hammer drills, universal drills, and percussion drills.


Due to the strong unevenness of dry stone facades, we advise you to use the most protrudent spots for installing your anchors as this will provide the widest possible gap between the wall and your trellis. Some spots are unfit for fastening anchors so you may find yourself using more anchors than originally planned.

Dry stone wall from cast stones, grapevine, light construction style
dry wall with greenery
Photo detail above, spacers WM 06093 on drywall, bricks fixed with composite mortar.
Dry stone wall with wall anchor
Easy kit, climbing roses
Dry stone wall with roses
Easy kit construction in massive concrete blocks
Dry wall made of concrete blocks
Wall greening with wire rope using Light kit, grapevine
Wall greening with grapevine