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Dry Stone Walls

Here in the section of 'exposed masonry' you could read about the greening of dry stone walls, especially for attaching the associated greening technology. Please also note the information in the areas: ideas / objects / walls.

Characteristics and problems

With dry stone walls, the bricks /stones are 'dry', that is, stacked without damp mortar. They are then interlocked with friction in the composite. There are older natural stones or industrially produced cubes of concrete blocks. For freestanding walls, the bricks are nowadays often on site fixed with a bonding mortar together, then the wall becomes more stable.

Natural stones in drywall can be strongly weathered and already torn. They are then only suitable for wall mounts, please see for yourself why, before installing climbing aid check the bearing capacity of the rock!

Suitable wall bracket, anchors and drill

There are five construction styles with the standard brackets can be used, the heavy kit but only with fairly large stones and massive kits only in very large blocks. In principle, therefore, material thickness is key, for attachment of brackets in stones of a dry stone wall are only suitable at a certain thickness. Weaker cable systems such as 'lightweight design' can also be used with smaller stones. In case of doubt, before adhering holders first fix several stones together by mortar pressed into the stone joints to a larger stone block; it is called cementing.

It is then an expansion pressure-free anchoring for the brackets, preferable to bonding with mortar. We recommend Hammer drills, universal drills, and percussion drills.

By strong unevenness in the stone wall, use places which protrude outward for the wall brackets, to achieve a sufficiently “large” distance off the wall. Due to the unevenness, some spots are unfit for fastening holders. To assure stability you may need more wall mounts then intended.

Dry stone wall from cast stones, grapevine, light construction style
dry wall with greenery
Photo detail above, spacers WM 06093 on drywall, bricks fixed with composite mortar.
Dry stone wall with wall anchor
Easy kit, climbing roses
Dry stone wall with roses
Easy kit construction in massive concrete blocks
Dry wall made of concrete blocks
Wall greening with wire rope using Light kit, grapevine
Wall greening with grapevine