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Downpipe grid for climbing plants, RF 10000

Product sheet

Description / Prices (from 09 / 2018)
Bent stainless steel trellis for downpipe, spot-welded. Made of 304 / 316 stainless steel. Rod ends bevelled, no protruding wires and therefore no risk of injury. Electroplated. Width 22 cm, bar-⌀ 6 mm. Two sizes / versions available:

  •  RF 15002, height 150 cm, V2A, matt glossy - Price (2018)
  •  RF 20004, height 200 cm, V4A, mirror finish - Price (2018)

High-quality steel trellis to hide downpipes with the leaves of a climbing plant. Please check out our tips for downpipe greening! Not suitable for down pipes in  corners. Suitable for slow to moderaly vigorous climbing plants, especially Mandevilla, Thunbergia, Clematis and small climbing roses.

4 holders should be used. Please also use the general instructions for attaching stainless steel trellises to facades. All holders can be used except GH 10180.

"Made in Germany" (Saxony)

Grid for downpipes
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