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Assembling directly into Insulation

Special plugs (red) in the insulation

This page is part of the topic 'insulation' and offers a low-cost solution to (etc. Clematis, winter Jasmine, annual plants) adhere to  insulation plants with very low loads. As with small areas adjacent to doorways that are greened. Either by selective attachment with binding material according to cable system 1010 or by stretchy rubber ropes. For cable, this solution there is only limited suitable - see below.

Endurance and Price

--> This page will soon be translated to english (in 2018)!

Suitable wall mounts

For direct installation into ETICS >10 cm, since 2017 FassadenGrün offers a special mount WH 08555. More information (in german) can be found here --> Blog


--> This page will soon be translated to english (in 2018)!

Assembly and Maintenance

Installation is simple and possible for every handyman. But such trellis system must be protected particularly against vandalism and excessive stress.

Wire rope system on an insulated balcony
Special fixing for insulation
Climbing aid system for wintercreeper
Climbing aid system for insulated walls
Fixing in insulation by means of insulating dowels, eyebolts and grow lines of textile-coated rubber strands.
Befestigung in Dämmung
Roses climbing graceful on a house wall, attached only selectively (without climbing aid)
Climbing rose with and without climbing aid system
Wire rope holder WH 08555
Fixation for wire ropes on insulated facades with mount WH 08555
Simple growth cable similar to cable system 1020, greening with Rose. Here it must be ensured that the spines will not scratch the plaster on the insulation.
Greenery on ETICS, climbing rose