Diamond Trellis, RR 10000

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Scissor trellis (diamond shape) made of V2A (AISI 1.4016) stainless-steel from Fassadengrün's trellis collection. Made of flat steel bars 10 mm wide and 2.4 mm thick. Wall distance of only 3 cm (no risk of injury from protruding ends). Includes stainless-steel Nirosta fixing material (long screws, black plastic spacers and M5 brass plugs) as well as assembly instructions. Shipped in a cardboard shipping tube. Three sizes available (see photo):

  •  RR 11800, 118 cm x 50 cm - Price
  •  RR 15100, 151 cm x 50 cm - Price
  •  RR 18300, 183 cm x 50 cm - Price



Wall trellis made of high-quality stainless-steel (not for externally insulated façades). For weak or average vigorous climbing plants, especially for mandevilla, morning glory, cathedral bells ('cup and saucer vine') and similar continuous bloomers, as well as clematis, winter jasmine, climbing spindle, ornamental kiwi or climbing roses. For the most harmonious visual effect, pull the grids out far enough to achieve 90° angles in the corners. The trellises shall then also have the dimensions described above. 



Made in Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia)