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Decorative Ferrule 3 mm, Cross Clamp SK 03099

Seilkreuz für Drahtseil 3 mm

Product sheet

Description / Price

Small rope cross made of high-grade steel A2/V2A, diameter = 10 mm, length of 13 mm, side-drilled hole and groove with diameter/breadth 3 mm. Compact, decorative style. >>> Price.



For fixing of wire-cables 3 mm which cross in the angle of approx. 90 degrees. Where dichtmaschige nets are trained and many, cheap rope crosses at simple growing helps and there are required. A middle slipping strength is obtained. If necessary please, use the general information about the use of cross clamps.



The rope cross is threaded in the required number on the rope that lies on the outside, so in front of the other crossing rope which is closer to the wall. This is important so that the view side of the rope cross points to the outside later.

The rope is cut cleanly with wire-cable cutters or wire-cable tailor and turned in direction of rotation of the individual rope braids between thumbs and forefinger once again briefly like a thread before this is threaded into the eye of a needle. The rope crosses are push on the rope and again with a little shifting movement, direction of rotation is the same like the compress direction of the rope braids. Take care that when threading on the cross pieces, that no strands are pushed away or bent from the braids. Should this happen after stringing 2 or more crosses, cut a rope piece of approx. 2 cm to have a clean end before stringing further rope crosses again ...

The other crossing rope is then put in the open groove of the pressing clamp, the groove now looking to the wall. The clamping is carried out with ordinary, water pump pliers, however not at the front of the gripping jaw, but as far back in the jaw as possible, close to the pivot. Here the pliers transfer great pressing strengths. The pliers should be cogged in the area where you are gripping the cross clamp, to take hold of the pressing cross without slipping. The adjustable gliding joint of the pliers is taken to the second position, then the situation of the crossing ropes and the cross clamp is fixed by hand, the pliers are set so behind the crossing ropes that they summarize approx. 2-3 mm length of the rope cross (photo) the two footbridges are then pushed only little together next to the groove. The position of the ropes can be corrected if necessary now again before the cross clamp is pressed definitely together. With some practice, the pressing can be done with a single squeeze. The position of the rope cross can hardly be changed after pressing.


Special Features

At the assembly pressing lanes arise at the rope cross. Please use high-quality pliers made of chrome vanadium steel or steel nickel-plated to prevent later rust lanes at the contact points. If they arise nevertheless, they can simply and permanently be removed with fine sandpaper.


"Made in Germany" (Saxony)

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Seilkreuz für Drahtseil
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