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Dark Wintercreeper ("Radicans")

This cultivar, called “Dark Wintercreeper” by FassadenGrün, is the one that most closely resembles ivy. It grows very densely, is reliably evergreen, at the same time particularly frost resistant, and is therefore included in FassadenGrün's assortment. In spring and summer, the foliage is mid-green, turning to dark green with a reddish 'tan' in autumn and winter. Flowers and fruit are rare. Refer to the wintercreeper general information for tips on location, pruning, suitable cable systems, etc..

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(Variety of Lat. Euonymus fortunei)

Dark-leaved wintercreeper
Dark-leaved wintercreeper
Dark wintercreeper on a wooden lattice fence
Two fortune's spindles, almost 4 metres tall
Wintercreeper as climbing plants in winter, with grapevines (above and to the left)
Euonymus as a climbing plant on a facade