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Cross Support, Console M12, WM 12227

Wand-Konsole für Seilführung

Product sheet

Description / Price

Cross mount with increased wall distance (12 cm), made of stainless steel, threaded shaft M12, crosshead d = 20 mm with grub screw, lock nut, adjusting nut, spring (lock) washer, washer (plate disk), cylindrical support console (formerly prismatic) made of decay-resistant ('rot-proof') Robinia hardwood, and press-ring/gasket. Wall console wood-coloured, natural white-gray patina after about 1-3 years of weathering. The head is also available separately. >>> Price



Special mount for wire rope, 3 (and 4) mm for Medium and Heavy Kits in accordance with the specifications of the respective wire rope system (if purchased as a pre-assembled kit). The distance from mount to mount should preferably not exceed 1.8 m at horizontal ropes and 2.2 m at vertical ropes. Simple or crosswise rope guidance. Wall distance approx. 12 cm. Mostly adhesive (glue) mounting; special case into outer insulation: see below. For help in selection, please also refer to the information on ‘cross supports' (rope mounts).


Recommended tool

Hammer drill HB 16210 for all drillings with or without sieve sleeves.



If necessary, refer to the instruction manual for drilling work and the information on composite mortar. For optimal sealing, the surface should be reasonably flat or made so (sanded down). Drill 14 mm, depth approx. 11 cm. When using sieve rawl plug/dowel SD 16130, drill hole diameter 16 mm, depth 14 cm. Dismantle the cross mount console completely; also loosen the countered crosshead. Press in the composite mortar, insert the threaded shaft in a rotating manner; protrusion outside according to the wall distance (12 cm).  If necessary, secure against sagging from below (photo). Spread or remove any mortar that swells out in order to create an almost smooth support for the seal. After setting, push on the wall console (support disc) together with all small parts, tighten adjusting nut firmly, fasten cross head with lock nut. Further installation is carried out as described for Heavy Kits. A visible joint is formed around the pressed-on sealing ring which does not impair the function.

When mounting with metal anchors/plugs, DM 12030, please refer to the product sheet of that anchor; if necessary, you can shorten the threaded shaft, or let it be shortened by FassadenGrün. For installation into solid wood, request a shorter length if necessary. Drill diameter 10.5-11 mm. Grease threaded shaft, screw the two nuts on the shaft firmly against each other with 2 open-ended wrenches and then grasp the shaft  at the nut further away with an open-ended wrench and screw it in directly. Then loosen the countered nuts against each other. By grinding in a short longitudinal groove at the end of the threaded shaft, it can act like a "self-tapping screw" and make the screwing in easier. 

In the case of thermal-bridge-free installation in 2-ply mounting blocks laminated with aluminium plate (ETICS special case) such as UMP-ALU-TRI from Dosteba, please ask for the version of WM 12167 and only use 3 mm wire rope. Drill centrally through BOTH aluminium plates of the mounting blocks with a 10.2 mm (10.5 mm) metal drill; cut an M12 metal thread into the mounting block by hand with a tap and tap wrench/iron, screw in the pre-assembled cross mount approx. 40 mm deep until the outer wall distance of 12 cm is reached; then align the cross head and tighten the adjusting nut. Further assembly is carried out as described for Heavy Kits. 


Special features

The wooden wall consoles are suitable (without paint) for permanent outdoor use. Micro-cracks of approx. 0.1 - 0.3 mm breadth and 3 - 5 mm depth are not a defect and have no effect on function and sealing/insulation. With higher loads (hanging fruit, cold tension), the head may bend elastically 1 - 4 mm. This is not a defect; when the load is again reduced, the head goes back to its original position.



Made in Germany (Saxony), hardwood console from Saxony, hexagon nuts from the Far East.

Wandkonsole Hartholz für Drahtseil
Konsolen für Seilführung
wire-cable bars with WM 12227, here to the fastening of outer advertising.
Wire trellis for clematis
Clematis at a cable system with WM 12227
Sichern gegen Absacken
protecting against dropping when glueing together, supports used WM 10101 with a matchstick here
Installation with metric dowel in concrete
preparation to assembly with plug DM 12300.