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Wall Mount M10 for Adhesion, WM 10101

Wall mount for wire rope

Product sheet

Description / Price

Wall spacer or "cross mount" made of high-grade steel, shank M10, crosshead d=18 mm, setscrew, locknut, adjusting nut, split lock and washer. The mount is delivered in pieces if necessary, the head is also also separately available. >>> Price



Inexpensive wall spacer for many sub-surfaces, particularly for protection/ privacy walls made of concrete or in margin areas where you must assemble expansion free. For wire cable 3 mm, for Medium kits in accordance with the specifications of the respective cable system (if purchased as pre-assembled set), possibly in connection with WM 10100. Simple or crosswise cable guide. The distance of holder to holder, if possible, shouldn't exceed 1.5 m. Wall distance approx. 4 -5 cms at conclusion of the drill hole and use protection against penetrating water. Please also use the information about the choice of fitting cross holders.



If applicable, please refer to the leaflet: Drilling.  Drill a hole with a diameter of 12 mm, approx. 60 mm deep, brush and blow out hole for better adhesion of the mortar. Mortar (quantity or number of strokes to determine by experiment) press and turning insert shaft no later than 2-3 minutes later, plug depth greater than 5 cm, so approx. 5.3 cm, so that the longer part of the shaft is in the hole and at the front it is not overweight. Push the mount down lightly so that it rests down on the wall of the hole to prevent sagging during further assembly. Wipe the escaping mortar. 4-5 min. after filling in the mortar and the threaded bolt doesn’t shift, wipe the area around the bolt again to obtain a plane surface. Make sure the hole is completely filled with mortar and that it is sealed. Remove any mortar from the protruding thread. Gasket then isn't required. Slide the washer, lock washer and nut to the wall and tighten. Then put on the thin nut (only some millimetres), crosshead put on vertically e.g. with cross head and flat nut lock against each other, with a screwdriver straight through one of the grooves, for example. The other assembly occurs like described for medium kits.


Special Features

At assembly drilling diameters 8-9 mm, threaded shank conditionally suitably for massive wood > 5 cm (hardwood for half-timbering or wood formwork, inclusive of Lattung lying behind this) then grease, directly turn and then brace the flat washer. In special cases, the mount is deliverable with a longer shaft (120 mm - at present not available and 150 mm). Then as a WM 10151. A counter-set with nut, spring washer and flat washer for through hole assembly into wood posts etc. is also deliverable.



Production "made in Germany" (Saxony’s) own, hexagon nuts from the Far East.

Wandabstandhalter Edelstahl für Seil
WM 10101 on concrete
Wall mount for wire rope
Cable system 5060 with Clematis, WM 10101 in the sensitive margin area of the wall coping
Seal-mounting with chemical mortar is also useful for structured surfaces
Rose column
WM 10101 is recommanded as a pressure-free mount system
Fence greening
Through-hole mounting