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Cross Clamps for Wire Rope

When two architecturally arranged wire ropes cross one another, it makes sense to put a wall mount there. However, it gets expensive when the trellis grid is very dense. For that reason, wire rope crosses without wall connection-- called 'rope cross clamps', or 'cross clamps'-- were developed. They fix ropes or growing rods together and prevent ropes "rubbing" against each other. Depending on the stability, aesthetic requirements and costs, different clamps are used, and you can find them listed here. Crossheads, for the making of wall supports, are discussed elsewhere. Learn below which "mesh sizes" match with which cross clamps and how rods are installed. >>> Price list

Assortment: Cross Clamps

For various rope diameters, Fassadengrün has corresponding cross clamps, such as: SK 01515 (1.5-2 mm), SK 03012 (3 mm, available in AISI 304 and AISI 316), and SK 04015 (3-4 mm). They all have a graceful build but provide sufficiently strong holding strengths/clamping forces for your growing systems. SK 03420 is suitable for security-relevant applications; due to the M10 thread, even stronger holding strengths are possible. There are SK 03099 and SK 03006 as inexpensive options; here, the crosses are not screwed but pressed with pliers... later corrections then are rarely possible at the cross point. The connector SK 34515 is particularly suitable for combinations of cable and rods because, with two separate grub screws, strong holding strengths are made possible. Most cable cross clamps are made of stainless steel A2; only SK 03420 and SK 03006 are from A4.



Advantages Over the Far East Cross Clamps

FassadenGrün cross clamps have a greater holding strength compared with similar cross clamps from the Far East, primarily due to the shallow depth of the threaded hole, which is flush with the deeper cross grooves (see photo). Nevertheless, to form the internal thread deeply enough, an increased effort is needed. No concave pressure for the ropes arises, however, because they are clamped on an anvil without being concave. They can barely slide or slip, and a change of direction, or a bending due to the clamping, is not possible.

Large Mesh Sizes

With large distances from intersection to intersection, i.e. large 'mesh' of more than about 1 square meter, there will be no free-floating cable crosses, but only cross mounts that are set with wall contact. This is the principle of cable system 5030.

Medium Mesh Sizes

For mesh sizes under 1 square meter, all peripheral points are completed with cross mounts, but inside the field, freely floating cable crosses are set on the architectural line. That is the principle of cable system 5040.




Small Mesh Sizes

With mesh sizes of 30 x 30 cm and smaller, cross holders on the edge of the field can also be exchanged for free-floating cross clamps. This is the principle of cable system 5050.

Architectural Cables and Rods

If climbing rods of 4 or 5 mm are used for the compression of architectural ropes, they can be fastened with SK 03420 or SK 34515- both with each other and with cable thicknesses 3 or 4mm. (Links to product sheets on the left.) 

Cable Cross Clamps as Mounting (Installation) Aid

Cable cross clamps are also suitable as a temporary installation aid for cable systems with cross holders, where a closed cable frame is to be mounted (for example with 4020 and 7040). Instead of 2 vices, only one is then needed, and if the kit does not already contain one or more cross mounts, another suitable one will be ordered.

Large climbing fields on a noise control wall (noise barrier) with SK 03012.
Architectural ropes on a noise barrier
Rope and climbing rod, 4 mm with SK 03420. For climbing staffs: D= 5 mm are used, connector SK 34515.
Stainless steel cross clamps
Climbing rope for clematis, small mesh size. Here, inexpensive clamps SK 03099 are applicable.
"Architectural Wire Rope" for Clematis
Assortment of cross clamps for architectural cables, in two lines respectively from left to right: SK 01515, SK 03012, SK 04015, SK 03420, SK 03006, SK 03099, SK 34515.
Cross clamps for wire rope
Comparison of SK 03420 (top left) and a cross clamp from the Far East: FassadenGrün basic hole and deeper groove are nearly flush, so there is no significant height offset.
Comparison of cross clamps
Big mesh sizes, only cross support and no cable crosses.
Wire rope cross points
Middle mesh sizes, architectural wires (high-grade steel) on insulation, SK 04015 inside the field.
Architectural wires made of stainless steel
Middle mesh sizes on a carport with SK 03012.
Wire rope for carports
Architecture cables with small mesh sizes, growing field/climber for clematis. With such quantities, there are press crosses-- SK 03006.
Dense, stainless steel wire rope