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Cross Clamps 3 mm, SK 03012

Cross clamp for wire rope

Product sheet

Description / Price

Small cross clamps made of stainless steel A2/V2A, diameter = 12 mm, length of 14 mm, blind hole with set screw M6 (grub screw), groove breadth 3 mm. Compact, decorative style, good holding strength, no slipping of the ropes. >>> Price



For the securing of wire-cables 3 mm, standard cross clamp at Easy kits (exept easy kits "Mini") and Medium kits "Classic" as well as "Eco". If necessary, before final assembly as a temporary installation aid in cable systems such as 7040. Adjustable and detachable again, both sides can serve as a show side. Please use  general information if appropriate, on the use of rope cross clamps



First, loosen the screw and put the rope cross clamps on both ropes. Hold the back screw clamping screw with an Allen wrench and tighten, if necessary using pliers on the stainless steel body.



Made in Germany (Bavaria), grub screw from the Far East

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