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Vines and climbers with long flowering periods

These climbing plants are distinguished by their long flowering, from May to the first frost. In Central Europe, they are usually replanted every year ("annuals"), often in pots. Some are perennial, they can be wintered in the winter garden or in the cellar, only a few can survive outside. There are hundreds of species, but only some are interesting for facades. The climbing plants shown here all remain light, don't grow wood and only need small climbing aids. And not to forget: they can't cause any building damages


Mandevilla (Dipladenia)

For building entrances

Twining vine Thunbergia

Black-eyed Susan vine

Excellent for facades

Twining vines like Ipomoeas

Morning Glory

To complement orther plants

Tendril climber Cobaea

Cathedral bell

Ideal to green up streets

Flowers of the Nasturtium (Tropaeolum)


For the base of the wall

Pink vetch

Sweet pea

Flowers for fences