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At the bottom of the theme „Concrete Walls", you can see our guide to the various concrete facades and the suitable wire rope accessories. Kits from FassadenGrün are almost always suitable, except for a few exceptions, due to thin wall problems. You can filter out here what isn’t appropriate for you. Sometimes problems occur when drilling so please note the guidance given on the link.

Wall thickness for concrete walls

Concrete facades are sufficiently thick for every fixture in unheated buildings such as park houses and garages. It is different in heated buildings: their facades are almost entirely of concrete, and because of this it has bad insulation values. 'Weather shells' are used, made of concrete, behind which lies an insulating layer and then hides a second concrete wall, which forms the inner wall. Prior to the selection of wire rope accessories, the thickness of the concrete shell should therefore be known. Very thin concrete walls under 8 cm should be considered separately. And another thing: concrete facades are mostly seen unfavorably as naked grey "in plain view concrete", but they also may be painted or plastered, which for the following proposed mountings is not relevant.

Appropriate construction methods

Basically all 5 construction styles with the standard fixtures are suitable. With middle ' Classic ' kits and also with heavy as well as massive kits, problems can appear if the wall strengths lie only barely above 8 cms. With heavy kits shorter holder WM 12161 can be stuck together alternatively, sieve shells are not necessary. In case of doubt, the buildings are treated like "thin walled concrete".

Medium-sized construction, House
Concrete wall with wire rope system
Heavy construction-style on a vehicle maintenance hangar
Hall made of exposed concrete
Mounting a grow structure (massive construction), air intake tower made of plastered concrete for Clematis plants
Plastered concrete
Concrete facade with climbing hydrangea
Concrete facade with climbing hydrangea
The growth ropes and holders in Heavy construction are hard to see on this large exposed concrete facade.
Greening up a facades of exposed concrete
Easy construction style, wire rope systems 4020 of Pier templates of a daycare facility of the Socialist era.
Concrete wall on an daycare center with climbing plants