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The Company

»I registered "FassadenGrün" in the summer of 2000 right during my studies. Previously, I had several years of experience with greenery on houses, also on the walls of our three family building in the district of Connewitz, Leipzig. This is were I got the idea to start this company. Thus, since 2000, FassadenGrün has been profiling itself with the planning, execution and maintenance of wall greening and eventually evolving into a mail order company. Even if the website conveys a different picture: We are not a "greening-corporation", but a small family business with 6 employees. The named building also serves as work place and office, the garden as plant storage. Also, the delivery of orders takes place from here. To cope with growth we are working on our "Vision"... In a nutshell: I look forward to your interest in FassadenGrün products! «

Sven Taraba (Owner), graduate engineer of Architecture, mechanic, born in 1966


FassadenGrün helps you to plan wire rope systems with healthy minimalism. The goal is a manageable range of high quality stainless steel articles that any handyman can install. You can buy pre-assembled kits or but together your own order. All parts also individually purchasable

Range and Prices

Because we concentrate on specific articles and due to the large dispatch volume - for example 100.000 m wire rope every year - FassadenGrün is usually able to offer the best prices for all products. Excellent quality is self-evident! In our online shop all gross prices are published. Upon request, commercial customers receive an account with access to net prices. For individual offers please contact us.

Systems Supplier for Horticulture

Depending on the situation, FassadenGrün can help landscape planners, architects or similar companies plan a climbing plant support system, mostly in form of confirming an already thought through design plan and quantity survey. We do not support large scale industrial and storage hall greening as well as similar projects with vigorous climbing plants outside of the private area.


Favourable for a successful processing, it is best if there is a quantity survey with article numbers. Establishing these surveys is the responsibility of the planner. Our online shop is also our published price list. By using the shopping cart function in the shop, companies can obtain an offer and if necessary simply deduct the VAT from the displayed gross prices. The company can use the printout of the shopping cart list as a basis for a contract if the order was initiated within a years time, even if the prices have changed in the meantime.

When initiating an order you can send us an comparison offer so that we can perhaps make a better offer. If you want to know how high the installation costs of a greening are, please look under "Planning".

Guidelines for Wall Greening

FassadenGrün does not work with the "Guidelines for planning, constructing and maintaining façade greenery with climbing plants" (FLL e.V., Bonn). That concerns above all the there recommended wall distances and the focus on the very expensive high grade stainless steel A4, AISI 316. In individual cases, FassadenGrün products can be fully compliant with the directive, especially the "massive construction style". This will be checked by the respective planner.


If possible, we have our components produced in Germany. That includes punching, drilling, milling, reaming stainless steel as well as wood and plastic processing. For example, we have a workshop that employs disabled people producing specific parts for our company. Wire rope, forged and welded components, and some other parts are sourced from Asia or manufactured according to our technical drawings. On the product sheets we give the origin in detail. Confection and assembly take place in our house.

Shipping for Private and Commercial Costumers

The mail order business covers Germany and Europa, but also overseas. Worldwide we try to offer cheap shipping costs. Find out more in the online shop.

Storage and Delivery Times

All items are shipped from our stockpile which consists of many tons. Delivery times of 3 - 5 days are necessary for effective shipping. Often special packaging is necessary. In exceptional cases and with express surcharges, almost any item can be delivered in any quantity the next day.


As a rule, you will be billed and you pay by bank transfer

More about FassadenGrün

...on our blog "rankhilfen.de".

Leipzig, Leopold Street 12: We live and work on the first floor!
At the beginning: FassadenGrün on an installation tour

Further photos of our everyday life

With these photos you can have a inside look at our small family business. As you can see we also put our pants on one leg at a time... But: We have a Vision!

Incoming goods: A palette with wire spools from the far east has arrived and is being unloaded.
Incoming goods: 11.000 relief springs SF 02530 from a spring factory in Hagen /NRW, loosely dumped and ready for packaging.
Wire holders from FassadenGrün are assembled from several components. Here a package of bolts for the previous version of our massive cross mount WM 12153, produced in Wuppertal
A packing shelf in our external storage near Merseburg. The storage was active in 2014. Now it is being built back.
Uncoil device for a 1000 m wire rope spool.
If the weather is nice, we work outside: Two sons - our youngest and oldest offspring - unwinding wire rope in the yard.
Practice makes perfect: The 25 and 10 m coils are wound in our backyard in the middle of the city in Connewitz.
Home-based work according to Saxon tradition, just like in the Erzgebirge: One of our daughters preparing thimbles KA 03429. Especially in winter we pre-assemble our products. Even in the living room.
Ready "picked" orders are waiting to be packed. We pad and cushion manly with newspaper - many a hundredweight are used a year!
The Packages - in the high season, 20 - 50 packages are picked up a day.
We have been building on our future depot in Leipzig-Baalsdorf since 2015. See also our "Vision"
2015 we reactivated our plant business after a long break. At the backside of the barn, the mistress herself is potting plants into Klasmann-Organic-Substrate. To the right Clematis montana.