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Climbing Roses


Climbing Roses are absolutley perfect for façade greening! Apart from their greenery, they also produce delightful flowers, and above all, they don't cause damages to buildings.

Flowering climbing rose bush


Sunny Position, however, hot (south-facing) walls are not tolerated by species susceptible to mildew (blight). If necessary can be grown in semi-shade and in areas without direct sun, but which receive full daylight (such as an enclosed courtyard). Deep, sandy-clayey soil, not too moist but not too dry, some humus but not too much! Fertilise with potash until early summer, also with wood ash. Distance from plant to plant: 1.5 - 4 m.

Characteristics and Pruning

Scrambler with thorns. Some species have the tendency to become bare in the lower parts. For small trellises, the (more robust) shrub- and carpet roses can be used. Foliage lasts from May to October, with many species until March.


Flower and Fruit

Flowers often in clusters at the end of the yearly new growth in white, pink or red depending on species, also yellow and apricot. Depending on species, will flower once, several times or (almost) continuously throughout the season. Often produces green or red rosehips.



Training as per graphic illustration below right, but varies for the different growth rates and structures of the plants. For small trellises, yearly prune in winter almost to the ground. For larger espaliers it is important to train the plant to a well-formed branch structure. When cutting back entire stems, a short stump is always left. Dead-heading (cutting off the spent flowers) encourages new flowers and extends the blossoming period.

Climbing Plant Support System

Rods, meshes, nets etc. For suitable growth support systems see below. Medium for large areas and susceptible species rather Heavy Systems. Important for wall espaliers: the sturdy main stems (ie the actual frame of the plant) are tied to the outside of the trellis. Yearly shoots which will bear the flowers and are later cut off, can go to the back of the trellis. Medium or Heavy Duty Growth Support Systems or better massive systems for high greening areas and sensitive varieties because of the higher distance from wall. for smaller areas, even Easy construction style may work.

Appropriate wire rope systems?

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Small climbing rose on a wall
Red climbing rose in fronst of an old cowshed
Greening up buildings with roses
Large climbing rose on a trellis

Greening facades with Roses

This picture gallery shows, what roses are capable of in terms of greening facades.

Climbing roses can get really old. This one is around 70 years, probably "Paul Scarlet Climber", Grimma / Saxony
Same blooming year after year, same rose as on the previous pricture, but some years later (2005)
Climbing rose on a climbing trellis near a drainpipe
Rose tree on old wire rope system similar to 1020 / 1030, Babelsberg / Brandenburg
Yellow climbing roses on a facade
Blossoming trellis roses with wire cables
Several climbing roses on a small wooden trellis
Small rose espalier
Lush roses on wooden trellis
Not only flowers, but also leaves can beautify a wall!
Climbing rose - classic "New Dawn" on a FassadenGrün-wire rope system 4040, heavy construction style
Hildesheim / Lower saxony: This rose (Rosa canina) is more then 1000 years old!
Rose on a classicistic house in Putbus on the island of Rügen
High climbing rose on a wall
Fungus resistant "ADR"-Climbing rose of the variety "Rotfassade" with particularly long lasting foliage
Climbing rose on wire ropes at a franciscan monastery in Saalfeld / Thüringen
Small rose on a wooden espalier
Climbing rose on climbing cable wire
Old Rambler rose on a house
With several rose plants even full walls can be greened
Rose in white and violet (prob. "Veilchenblau")
Purple climbing rose, presumably "Veilchenblau"
Bushy rose without formation, Klosterbuch near Leisnig / Saxony
Trellis wall with roses
Old espalier rose on a lattice trellis system
Climbing rose in Wernigerode / Saxony-Anhalt
Lush rose trellis on a house in Halberstadt / Saxony-Anhalt
Green wall with well-maintained rose
Greenery with climbing rose on a baroque building
Even balconies can be greened with roses!

Roses and Climbing aids / Trellis systems

Climbing roses usually need climbing aids, due to their growth habit. Horizontal guidance of the shoots is recommended for lush flowering.

Small rose in a garden (Otto Niemeyer-Holstein, Lüttenort / Usedom)
Small rose on a simple wire rope system
With two parallel ropes, guiding a rose on walls is a lot easier
With several parallel support cables, greenings can be more extensive
Young rose on a FassadenGrün-wire rope system 2040
This rose grid appears to be a flower vase for the rose
Red climbing rose on simple horizontal wire ropes
Older branches alsways should be tied on the outside of the trellis system, younger shoots (flower shoots etc.) can be put between trellis and wall
Rose on a Wire rope system similar to FassadenGrün`s 2060 or 3060
Decorative climbing rose with winter-foliage in march, guided horitontally on wire ropes.

Botanical features

There are thousand of varieties in roses with different characteristics, watch out for your preferences when purchasing!

Wall greening with historic roses.
Wether roses are suitable for greening walls depends on the position of the flowers. If they are upright, this variety might not be very usefull
Many of the old, once-flowering species produce magnificent clusters of rosehips in autumn.
Different growth habits: left a species with thin, flexible stems (rambling type); right a stiff, vertical and very vigorous growth habit. Winter image.
Climbing rose in winter
Some varieties have very long lasting foliage until winter.
Many varieties are vulnerable to black spot, this disease can lead to almost no leaves on the plant in summer
Even powdery mildew can be seen, depending on variety and locationEven powdery mildew can be seen, depending on variety and location
Some varieties drop their withered blossoms, some dont
Roses can be combined with clematis, Rosarium Sangerhasen / Sachsen-Anhalt

Appropriate Wire rope systems

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 = suitable             = of limited suitability             = unsuitable