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Bird Damage: when birds come after your grapes...

Birds are very interested in grapes! Blackbirds and thrushes come from below, starlings from above. They like to come as a family, talking loudly to each other while eating, and leaving the contents of their intestines before leaving, often on drying laundry or the terrace... If they are permitted a discrete approach, and the darker the berries, the more audacious the unwelcome guests become. What can be done to prevent bird attacks on grapes?

Preventing bird damage

Bird Invasion - what to do?

Consider also the following: open terrain with no bushes or trees, or with lot of human or cat presence means that the birds won't be so eager to approach, and green berries hide easily among the leaves. If you don't have time to shoo away the birds night and day, the grapes must be harvested early. Nets can be used to protect the grapes for a late harvest! Small vines can be wrapped completely; for large stocks only the grape zone is covered with a 1 metre strip on both sides. The birds will avoid the grapes because they risk becoming entangled in the nets.

Vineyard with net protection
Nets to protect the grapes
Protective nets against birds
Protecting grapevines from birds
Bird nets in a vineyard