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Miscellaneous Climbing Plants

There is a good place for any climbing plant out theren, but not all of them will thrive on facades and walls. Building greening is what this website is all about, and what matters for us. The best-suited climbing plants have section on their own. The species listed here are less interesting in facade greening, but are often beautiful when used to green fences or mixed with shrubs or bushes.


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Polygonum aubertii - Also good for balconies

Silver Lace Vine

Extremely vigorous

Humulus lupulus - Attaching climbing plants


Lots of foliage, no damage

Jasminum nudiflorum - Flowering plant

Winter Jasmine

Winter blossoms

Euonymus fortunei - A plant made for the shade


Evergreen, slow-growing

Pink Gooseberry

Decorative Kiwi

Decorative foliage

Passionsblume Passiflora caerulea

Passion Flower

Perennial twining plant



Healthy and vigorous

Feuerdorn Pyracantha coccinea


Evergreen, ornamental fruit

Cotoneaster dammeri "Skogholm" - As groundcover or hanging plant


Evergreen, hanging plant