Climbing Hydrangea

Hydrangea (anomala) petiolaris

The Climbing Hydrangea is a popular self-clinging climber (sticker) and much appreciated for its white (peripheral) flowers.


Semi-shaded to shaded position, acid to neutral soil with plenty of humus, definitely moist or even wet soil. Soil compaction and lime are not well tolerated.

Growth and Leaves

Sticker which climbs with the help of adhesive aerial rootlets, growth rate and height less than ivy. Foliage from April / May until end of October, yellow autumn colouring. Very decorative red-brown shoots in winter.

Facade Greening with Climbing Hydrangea

Flower and Fruit

Large, flat umbels in June/July,  starlike peripheral (sterile) flowers, open for a long time. Fruit: inconspicuous capsules.

Growth Support Systems

Some additional wires for attaching and guidance recommended. For suitable support systems refer below.  Light and Medium, or Heavy Duty Growth Support Systems.


Primarily in spring, encourages branching of the long shoots.

Horizontal wire rope to attach and guide several climbing hydrangea, here 4mm strong and with brackets WM 12153
Occasional pruning / trimming is necessary to encourage branching of the long shoots
Climbing hydrangea on a downpipe
Each of these climbing hydrangea is attached to two vertical wire ropes and their shapes are well maintained through vigorous summer pruning.
Autumn colours
Vertical wire rope system
Bare, trimmed branches of a climbing hydrangea on a timber espalier in winter
New shoots in spring
Appearing autumn colours
Bare branches, uncut, in winter

Suitable growth support systems for Climbing Hydrangea (Guiding Supports)

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 = suitable                = moderately suitable             = unsuitable