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The President (clematis hybrid)

Bred in 1876 by Charles Noble in England. Reliable over many decades and since 1990 a blue-lilac top-performing cultivar. This strong bloomer is a perfect starter for the novice. Flowers more voluminous than those of Clematis 'Jackmanii,' robust with a compact growth. It is a reliable blue classic clematis in the hybrid-range at FassadenGrün; for trellises up to 3m high. Flowers 14 - 18 cm, long flowering time from June to October, with a flowering break in July. Refer to our general information for guidance on location, pruning, suitable cable systems, etc..

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(Hybrid of Clematis 'Jackmanii' and a seedling of Clematis patens)

Clematis "The President"
Clematis "The President"
Violet-blue clematis
Clematis hybrid with violet-blue coloured flowers