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Shrub Clematis "Mrs. Robert Brydon"

An 'accidental' hybrid, discovered around 1935 in the garden of Elisabeth Prentiss (USA). Grows to about 1.5 metres with large, dark green and glossy leaves. Small, fragrant flowers (up to 2 cm), light lavender-blue. Flowers are very abundant and densely arranged; flowering period only from July to August (October). Not suitable for potting. Low shrub with little lignification; prune towards the end of the year to about 60 cm above ground. For guidance on application, location, and suitable cable systems, refer to the shrub clematis general information.

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(Lat: Clematis x jouiana 'Mrs Robert Brydon,' syn. C. heracleifolia, possibly hybrid of C. tubulosa x C. Virginiana)

Clematis jouiniana "Mrs. Robert Brydon"
Clematis jouiniana "Mrs. Robert Brydon"