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Shrub Clematis "Mrs. Robert Brydon"

An 'accidental' hybrid, discovered around 1935 in the garden of Elisabeth Prentiss (USA). Grows about 1.5 metres high; leaves are large, dark green, glossy. Small, fragrant flowers (up to 2 cm), light lavender-blue. Abundant flowering, but of a relatively short duration: only from July to August (in some cases until October). Not suitable for potting. Semi-perennial, bushy, with little lignification; prune towards the end of the year to about 60 cm above ground. For guidance on application, planting, and suitable cable systems, refer to the shrub clematis general information.

Lat: Clematis x jouiana 'Mrs Robert Brydon,' syn. C. heracleifolia, possibly hybrid of C. tubulosa x C. Virginiana.    >>> Price

Clematis jouiniana "Mrs. Robert Brydon"
Clematis jouiniana "Mrs. Robert Brydon"