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Clematis montana

Clematis montana are one of the most interesting clematis for facade greening. They are robust, resistant to clematis wilt, grow quickly and cover large wall areas with their dense foliage. Clematis montanas flowers are beautiful, even when compared with the clematis hybrids and their large flowers. Sadly, the flowers will open almost simultaneously and the flowering only lasts three weeks per year.

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("Polish Spirit" is a either a clematis viticella or a clematis x jackmannii)

Clematis montana var. rubens

Requirements / Price

The location can be sunny to partial-shade, the soil should be humose, fresh and well drained. The stem should be in shade. Distance between plants: 2 - 5 meters. >>> Price

Caracteristics and Pruning

Leaf stem twiner. Growth vigor is moderate to strong, the shoots can hang over. The leaves are present from May to October, and take on a very dark color for certain varieties. The clematis can grow up to 10 meters in height. The wilted leaves don't detach easily. The color of the flowers depends on the location and varies from white to dark pink. The flowering period is short in April and the seed capsules are beautiful and filigree. The pruning should never be done in winter - thin out some shoots after the flowering. The species is robust and disease free. The stem tends to bare on older specimens.

Wire rope trellis for clematis

The trellis should be a grid with a 30 to 50 cm mesh. If you won't prune the plant regularly the meshes can be even larger, as the trellises main function is to hold the trunk of the plant. The table at the bottom of the page can help you chose a suitable trellis for this clematis. The simple ("Basic" and "Basic-S") designs are strong enough, but the medium design range allows for better development of the plant. If the trellis is high, the heavy / massive designe should be considered.

Suitable wire rope trellis?

Click on the image to see wich designs are adapted as a growing aid for mandevillas.

Vigorous clematis montana in summer, after the flowering

Vigorous clematis montana in summer, after the flowering

Wire rope trellis with clematis

Blooming clematis montana

Usage as a facade plant
Clematis montana with a cable system on a house wall
Clematis flowers in april
Clematis flowers early in spring

Suitable wire rope trellises for clematis montana

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