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Clematis "Madame Julia Correvon"

Introduced in 1900 by Francisque Morel from France. An indispensable variety in the medium-sized clematis hybrids due to its cherry red colour - an absolute “must-have” variety, because similarly coloured Clematis viticella such as 'Rubra' have smaller flowers. During the first world war this plant was almost extinct and had to be propagated from a single specimen! For trellises 3 - 4 metres high. Flower size: 7 – 10 cm, flowering from June to September. Refer to the general information for guidance on location, pruning, suitable cable systems, etc..

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(Hybrid of Clematis viticella 'Rubra grandiflora' and Clematis 'Ville de Lyon'

Clematis "Madame Julia Correvon"
Clematis Mme. Julia Correvon
Clematis viticella "Madame Julia Correvon" on a fence
Clematis "Madame Julia Correvon" greening a balcony
Clematis "Madame Julia Correvon"