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Shrub Clematis "Rooguchi"

Grows to about 1.0 – 1.8 metres, medium-sized and graceful, small blue-lilac bells. Included in our assortment of shrub-clematis for its unusual flowers. Long flowering time from June – September (October). A good companion plant for roses, and also suitable for potting. Prefers a well-aired location. If grown in pots, it is slightly susceptible to mildew. Refer to the shrub clematis general information for guidance on application, location, pruning, suitable cable systems, etc./

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(also 'Roguchi' and 'Rougouchi', Lat: Clematis integrifolia 'Rooguchi', introduced in 1990 by Kasushige Ozawa / Japan)

Clematis integrifolia "Rooguchi"
Clematis integrifolia "Rooguchi"
Bush clematis "Rouguchi" on a trellis 5050
Young clematis integrifolia "Rooguchi"
Shrub clematis "Rooguchi" on a wire rope trellis
Shrubby clematis "Rooguchi" on a wire rope trellis