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Shrub Clematis "Rooguchi"

Rooguchi is a Japanese cultivar loved for its refined, indigo fairy-bell flowers. It has won a place in our assortment of shrub-clematis for its truly charming blooms. Long flowering time from June – September (October); fluffy silver seed heads. Will reach 1.0 - 1.8 metres high. A good companion plant for roses, and also suitable for potting. Prefers a well-aired, even windy location. If grown in pots, it is slightly susceptible to mildew. Refer to the shrub clematis general information for guidance on application, planting, pruning, suitable cable systems, etc.

Also 'Roguchi' and 'Rougouchi', Lat: Clematis integrifolia 'Rooguchi', introduced in 1990 by Kasushige Ozawa / Japan.    >>> Price

Clematis integrifolia "Rooguchi"
Clematis integrifolia "Rooguchi"
Bush clematis "Rouguchi" on a trellis 5050
Young clematis integrifolia "Rooguchi"
Shrub clematis "Rooguchi" on a wire rope trellis
Shrubby clematis "Rooguchi" on a wire rope trellis