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Clematis "Hagley Hybrid"

Introduced to England in 1956, bred near the end of the war in 1945 by Percy Picton from seedlings originating from the legendary clematis breeder Ernest Markham... named after the country estate “Hagley Hall,” where Picton was chief groundsman. This remarkably healthy and reliable clematis is excellent for the novice. It grows only to about 2.5 metres, but flowers abundantly from July to September. Flower size: 10 – 14 cm; also excellent for mixed plantings. Ivy, climbing hydrangea, as well as woodbine make good greening companions on the facade. The profuse flower production requires good soil enriched with fertiliser. Cultivation in pots is also possible. In very sunny and bright locations, the flowers fade and the flowering period is significantly shortened. Refer to the general information for guidance on location, pruning, suitable cable systems, etc..

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(Clematis seedling from the 'Jackmanii' group, parents unknown, in the United States known as “Pink Chiffon”)

The clematis "Hagley Hybrid" can lighten up the darkest corners
Clematis "Hagley Hybrid"
Clematis "Hagley Hybrid" in between grapevine
Clematis "Hagley Hybrid" on a trellis
Clematis "Hagley Hybrid" on a fence