"Gräfin Cosel" (clematis hybrid)

A new cultivar from the Sachs Nursery (Radebeul, Saxony), named after a countess from Saxony, won the gold medal at the 2013 “International Garden Expo” in Hamburg. Developing flowers at low heights, she's become a must for our hybrid-assortment as a clematis for small and low trellises (2 - 2.5 m high); she is better still for cultivating in potsfor the balcony and terrace. Flower sizes 14 -18 cm, flowering times May / June and August / September. Refer to our clematis general information for location, pruning, suitable wire rope systems, etc..

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Hybrid of Clematis 'Kathleen Wheeler' and an unknown species

New clematis variety ~ "Gräfin Cosel" ~ second blooming in late summer
New clematis variety ~ "Gräfin Cosel" ~ here, the second blooming in late summer