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"Ernest Markham" (clematis hybrid)

Introduced by Ernest Markham (Great Britain), ca. 1935, as 'Red Seedling,' later named after him. The flowers of this clematis emerge purple and then change to a vibrant magenta... it could almost be considered a bi-coloured clematis. The magnificent bright green foliage makes for a superb contrast, which cannot be taken for granted on façades and walls! Similar hybrids such as 'Ville de Lyon' are often quite weak and have, apart from the flowers, rather thin stems with hardly any foliage.... 'Ernest Markham' grows on easily after planting and remains vigorous. Sunny locations are essential to make the colours stand out better, as the flowers tend to become lighter! However, as for all clematis hybrids, hot south walls in full sun and without any shade at all are to be avoided. Flowering time (June) July to August (September); with light pruning, the plant will start to flower a little earlier. Flowers 12 -16 cm, for trellises 3 - 5 m high. Refer to our general information for guidance on location, pruning, suitable cable systems etc..

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(Clematis seedling of unknown parents)

Hybrid clematis "Ernest Markham"
Hybrid clematis "Ernest Markham"
"Ernest Markham" on a wood shed
Magenta-colored clematis on a steel rope
Magenta clematis on an old wooden trellis
Red clematis hybrid "Ernest Markham"