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Clematis "Ashva"

A floriferous new hybrid, this clematis received a medal in Holland in 2004. Compact, suitable for small trellises, stakes, and as a potted climber. For trellises about 2 metres high, flowers 7 - 9 cm, with a velvety wavy edge. Flowering time June to September, with a flowering pause in late summer. The flowers are more abundant in the first flowering period. Refer to the general information for guidance on location, pruning, suitable cable systems, etc.

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(Hybrid of Clematis patens, bred ca. 1995 by Wyhodowal Leonardas Bekevicius / Lithuania)

Hybrid clematis "Ashva," second flowering in late summer
Flowers of the clematis "Ashva"
Mandevilla "Red" and clematis "Ashva" on a balcony