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Classical Structure of Wooden Trellises

Here you find information on the structure of classical trellises with a vertical battening. It is mainly about array, quantity and measure of bars and laths in particular, in order to adjust the shape of trellises and window openings, and so forth. Therefore, predominantly “naked“ trellises are visible in the leafless time. From the variety of shown espaliers, it should be possible for you to design a model suitable for your situation. Trellises with other than vertical battening are treated as special types.

Classical wooden trellis (oak wood) for grapevine
Simplest from


Trellis with 2 cross bars

Belt Espaliers

2-spar-belt espalier

Belt formed trellises

Info on 3-bar-espaliers


Trellis with 3 cross bars

Large scale trellises

Large Trellises

Complex trellis walls

Variants of trellises


A gable - many variants

Trellises made of Robinia


Wood thickness, lath heads, i.a.