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Cavity wall anchors, HD 06050 and HD 08050

Hohlraumdübel mit Schlaufe

Product sheet


Cavity wall anchors ( 'toggles' or 'loop anchors') made of steel, galvanized, with mounting strap. Required cavity depth: at least about 55 mm. Thread M 6 or M 8. Economical alternative to US-brand product 'Toggler'. Screwing into the imitation push-tab has clearly more leeway than the Toggler original.

  • HD 06050, l = 50 mm, f. Insulation to 6 cm thick - Price

  • HD 08050, l = 83 mm, f. Insulation from 8 cm thickness - Price



These novel hollow wall anchors have advantages over classic metal cavity anchors: they are suitable for any panel thickness (10 - 90 mm) and on the wall outside does not remain prone to rust, just the electroplated galvanized metal part. Therefore only those wall anchors for anchoring wall holders of the light and (medium) 'Premium' series are used after 2013 (and possibly also trapezoidal sheets) in wood-like paneling materials, as for eyebolts WM 06030 and WM 08080. When M8 variant is possibly an additional guide sleeve is required to compensate for backlash in the thrust plate, especially when in soft building materials plate of cross holder can not be screwed tight enough. Please inquire if necessary and get the general information for anchor technology.


Before Installation

Before ordering, the spacing of vertical wooden stand should be known if possible, it is usually about 0.6 to 1.0 meters. An optimum adherence takes place in the areas of about 10 - 25 cm away from the center axis of the vertical supports. In the center between two supports, the plates are, however, susceptible to results of bending loads. The total points for hollow wall anchors should be planned accordingly, close to the outside of the posts and drawn.



The plates are perforated with drill 13 mm or (with M 8) 19 mm, the hollow wall anchors will be 'laid flat' parallel to the two plastic drawstrings and so inserted into the drill hole (02), then snapped in back on and then vigorously with the pull tab zoom pulled to the inner wall. The adjustable push-tab on the two tension bands is pushed tightly approached the drill hole, best pressed, hit,  lightly  with a screwdriver while the drawstrings are held taut by pulling loop (Figure 03). Then both drawstrings are broken by buckling at the waistband (04), afterwards the thread is led through the plug and is screwed together very tightly. 



Made in Europe

Hohlraumdübel - Montage
Figure 02: drilling, threading
Montage des Dübels
Figure 03: Advance push-tab, press down and jammed anchor thus
Montage der Hohlraumbefestigung
Figure 04: Apart-pressing and bending of the two drawstrings.
Gardinenhalter mit Hohlraum-Befestigung
Figure 05: Mounted Standard holder of lightweight construction (WM 06093) as a curtain holders.