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Car Parks and their Greening

Also multi-storey car parks are objects which are suitable as wall gardens! Usually climbing assistance is needed here, in the simplest case a metal grid or lattice wall, or parapet wall in which the plants can entwine themselves. You can also find further picture examples under 'lattice mats' and 'growing walls'.

Wall-garden on a parking deck
Greening up of a parking level with Wild Grapes and vines
Greening of a parking level
Different climbing plants on many storey high parapet lattices
Greening of a parking block
Different vines on wooden trellises, fall coloring
Car park with climbing plants in fall
Ivy on a growing lattice wall
Parking garage greened with Ivy
Gobbling Silver Lace Vine on wire-cables
Parking block with greening
Silver Lace Vine on wire-cables
Silver Lace on a Parking blocks wall
Different climbers on a 7 storey lattice wall, fall coloring
"Greenwall" on Parking levels
Different plants on vertical wire aids
Greening of a car park