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Parking Garages and Greening

Multi-level parking garages are suitable as wall gardens! Sometimes the metal grids already present are perfect for climbing plants to twine around, but often, climbing assistance will be needed here. You can find further photo examples under stainless steel mesh/grid panels and large green walls.

Wall-garden on a multi-level parking garage in Halle / Sachsen-Anhalt
Greening a parking deck with wild grapes and vines
Greening of a parking deck
Different climbing plants on floor-to-ceiling parapet lattices
Greening of a parking garage
Different vines on wooden trellises, autumn colouring
Parking Garage with climbing plants in fall
Ivy on a lattice wall
Parking garage greened with ivy
Silver lace vine on wire-cables
Multistory car park with greening
Silver lace vine on wire-cables
Silver lace vine on a wall of a parking garage
Different climbers on a 7 story metal trellis (parking garage), fall colouring
"Greenwall" on parking decks
Different plants on vertical wires
Greening of a car park