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Campsis 'Indian Summer'®

Dutch cultivar from 1988 by Henk Kujif and Sons. Conspicuous flowers densely arranged, ca. 15 - 25 flowers per bunch, which open progressively. Flower arrangements similar to 'Grandiflora', ie somewhat looser, not as tight as in the varieties of Campsis radicans. May develop seedpods. 'Indian Summer' is a Self-clinger and develops adhesive roots, but it is best to provide it with a support system, which allows it to grow like 'Madame Galen' to about 10m high. Good frost resistance. Refer to General Information for location, pruning, suitable cable systems etc.

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(Campsis tagliabuana 'Indian Summer'®, Kujif / Holland, protected cultivar, reproduction prohibited.)

Campsis 'Indian Summer'®
Wall with Campsis "Indian Summer" on the road, Naumburg / Saxony-Anhalt
Orange flowers of Campsis Indian Summer
Bright red flowers of trumpet vine "Indian Summer"
Greening a house with trumpet creeper vine